Catholic Influence in Italian Politics

The paper deals with the influence the Catholic Church had over Italian politics throughout the 1920s until the 1960s.

The paper is about the influence that the Catholic Church had over Italy during the 1900s and until the 1960s. The author discusses fascism, the relationship between Church and State in Italy, and explains the conflict between the Church and the Italian State prior to World War II. The paper focuses on how religion greatly affected politics.
“Catholicism has greatly influenced the Italian government especially during and after World War II. Socialism, Fascism, and Democracy were all influenced by Catholic principles and ideas. Marriage was just one of the many restrictions that Catholic principles placed on its people. The legislations of divorce and abortion show how the Catholics themselves were beginning to lean more to the left than ever before. Although, the Church remains against these issues, the rest of the country allows for them.”

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