Catholicism on Divorce

Examines the evolution of the Church’s interpretations of the New Testament messages on marriage, dissolution, temptation and remarriage.

The question of evolution having been settled by Pope John Paul II, the Catholic Church still has the question of marriage to debate. Besides whether priests and other ministers of the gospel can marry, is a marriage indissoluble or sacramentally sealed for the lives of the two spouses, or can that entity called marriage be terminated by one of them?

Charles Curran states that increasing numbers of Roman Catholics do not accept the Church’s teaching on the indissolubility of marriage. This in itself is revolutionary. Although the Pope presents himself as the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, and ostensibly the de facto leader of Christendom in general because Catholicism until very recently believed one must be a Catholic to be saved, the Pope is only a leader insofar as others follow. If when Curran wrote in 1977..

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