5 May 2017

The sale of these books is increasing, even in countries having low literacy rate such as Turkey. These types of books are consisting of some methods to be successful at Job and to feel relax. That is, personal-development books claim that they can give the secret to obtain all these things. In my point of view, government encouragements, marketing plays and the people’s desires such as planning good career, a desire to find happiness are the main reasons of popularity of these books.

First of all, the government is quite important factor on spreading these kinds of books. The government has provided students to know what is self-development, and how can it be applied with some arrangements in school programs. For example; over the past few years, many seminars were given at schools, expert people about personal development are invited to these programs. These people introduced what is self-development book and what are their functions. ln addition to that, sample books are given without any payments after these seminars. Thus, many students at schools -including me- know about this issue.

That is, the government has been successful in attracting attention. The other important factor, which can be affected on selling self-development books, is marketing techniques. With the encouragement by the government, these book have started to take place in book stores and libraries. Their places are separated. We have started to see part of “Self-development Books” on the shelves. As a result, people have perceived them as a new type. Government supports can be effective on extreme sale of these books. However, the most important cause is people, that is modern people desires such as gaining money and finding happiness.

The world is changing and drawing more competitive area. People are trying to accommodate themselves to the alterations. For instance; people have to give an effort now more than in previous decades at their work. It is difficult to have good career, and then, to earn good money. As we know, self- development books include techniques, suggestion and methods to be good at work. And many of these books guarantee us that you will be successful, if you put these methods into practice. Therefore, many people wanting to be successful read these kind of books because of profit.

They hope that they can find a way to get money easily or they can shine at their Jobs. However, while people are trying to gain money, they can lose their happiness. Absolutely such people need time to get relax and feel peaceful. However, they do not find any time to spend time with friends and families due to their intensive work programs. As a result they are becoming lonely day by day. And again they steer for personal-development books to feel happy by applying some methods which is presented in these books. Moreover, to tell the truth, people always need to take suggestion from relatives because it gives power to people.

It is relaxing to have somebody who can share problems and taking an advice. If people do not have any people to take inspiration, exactly they should find another source. The most ideal source for hard-working, alone and modern people is such these books. TO conclude, the increase in sale ot personal-development books originates trom government encouragement, marketing methods and people’s needs. However, we should be careful about their contents. Absolutely some of books give us helpful and relaxing suggestion but we always keep in mind that these kinds of books can be the part of marketing plays.

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