Cause and Effect

1 January 2017

As more everyday task, such as applying for jobs, banking, shopping, and obtaining general information move into cyberspace, those without computer access are finding themselves segregated from the rest of the digital world. It can be argued that because of the technological demand on today’s society, literacy in technology has become an essential skill for success in today’s society.

The basics of computing skills must be supplemented with a set of both cognitive and technical skills, in order to lead to a more universal participation in a technological reliant society. Schools are not sufficiently training teachers; and teachers are not adjusting the curriculum to meet the growing needs of advancing technologies. There is no prevailing standard for what constitutes as fluency and government officials have taken a sluggish approach to equip citizens with the skills and information needed to access government services; especially since governments and businesses move more of their information services exclusively online.

Cause and Effect Essay Example

Governmental leadership is lagging in bringing society into the information age. Many of the schools throughout the United States are so substandard that a major overhaul is required to provide students with an adequate education. The current policy, which provides computers and Spousta 2 other related hardware but not the necessary training for students and teachers, furthers the inefficient use of resources. The government’s use of technology to provide, exclusive, online services causes a major issue among society as well.

In some instances people don’t have computer access and are therefore denied from receiving certain needed services or information. Because a significant amount of the nation’s population are not online, and because the government puts most of its online information in English, and because the information is presented at a twelfth-grade level; millions of residents are further marginalized from the benefits because they either don’t speak English nor have a high education level.

As technology further advances and we drift deeper into the information age, the demand for technological literacy among the members of society will continue to increase. Along the way there will be many issues that will eventually need to be addressed as technology advances and government and businesses move more information and services online. Consideration must also be given to those people who are less fortunate and technologically illiterate, or have limited to no computer access.

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