Cause and Effect of Lying

6 June 2017

The Cause & Effect Of Lying I believe that under no circumstances should lying be acceptable. I was raised and brought up in a household that didn’t tolerate lying at all. I do -understand that people have their reasons, but lying always holds something negative. While lying might seem like an easy way out, it actually puts you in more trouble than you were in to begin with. It never solves the problem, it Just makes it worse. For some reason people believe that their lies will never come to the surface; and in some cases they don’t.

Consistently lying seems to be an easy way out for them. They continue to lie until their once small white lie turns into a huge uncontrollable mess. When this happens the truth arises, and you find yourself in ten times the amount of trouble you were in before trying to lie your way out. People need to understand, for every action there’s a reaction Each and every day, we make the same choice thousands of times whether to lie or tell the truth, and this often happens without us really thinking about it.

When ou lie you have already put yourself in an unfavorable position, Should your lie be discovered you are in an even worse position then you were in before. Even the tiniest white lie can cost you money, impact your relationships, and affect your choices. For example, You told a lie to a friend which was seemingly miniscule, your friend on the other hand doesn’t see the lie as something small and takes it seriously. As a result you lose the trust and approval of a close friend over something you see as small.

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