Cause and effect

7 July 2016

99.9 percent of American does this every day, and it has become a habit that we should all stop doing to better our safety. I’m sure you are thinking what this could be because everyone doses many things each day. I bet you have guessed it Texting and driving, you don’t realize how many people take part in texting and driving every second of the day, but none of can really tell the cause of why we all do it but we can assume why people text and drive. In today’s society almost everyone has a cell phone and has internet and texting, but we don’t text, tweet or Facebook in correct place we choose to do it when we shouldn’t.

Texting and driving is becoming a law in the world because it is causing numerous wrecks its just like drinking and driving it’s just as bad. So why do we choose to text and drive. Many people do not like to talk on the phone they think it will be faster and easier just to shoot a text, but in reality it’s not it cause many accidents, Also many do not like to talk face to face and tell them to their face and they think since they are texting they are better and able to say what they want to say without saying it to them.

Cause and effect Essay Example

These are just some reason that I have thought of. When you are in meetings and are not able to talk on the phone it is acceptable but not while you are in a vehicle. The effect toward texting and driving are not only hurtful toward you but also the family. Many people that text and drive tend to have a wreck and kill or injured someone else or even there self’s it’s not something you want to be known for, or even remember why you are sitting in a jail sale because you killed someone. So why do people. Because they think it’s faster and causes less pain but little do they know they can be making a big impact on someone else’s live or even you own so don’t text and drive it’s not worth the headache of what could happen

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