Poverty is defined as the lack of minimum food and shelter necessary for maintaining life. In order to survive, human beings need basic resources such as clean water, sound education, good health, clothing and shelter. Within the society there is a wide range of poor people having less income than the rich which make the poor inferior to the rich. Poverty in Fika is caused by scarcity of human resources, opportunity barriers and unemployment; which results to bad health, illiteracy and drug abuse.

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In Fika, people view poverty as an inevitable situation, so they depend on charity for sustenance as there are limited resources in the society. Also, rises in the cost of living make the people less able to afford basic necessities like water, food, shelter and so on. In order to survive the poor try to find food with the same nutritional value as that of the rich. For instance, the rich people eat turkey which gives protein, while the poor eat fish which have the same nutritional value with turkey.

In Fika, there are usually riots as a result of increase in the price of grains. Due to this change in the price of grains, farming usually becomes intense and gradually leads to soil infertility. As a result, a decline in the yield of agricultural products produced. The second cause of poverty is that the government is reluctant to give the poor ownership rights of property. This is the chief obstacle that hinders development in Fika. This lack of ownership rights to land leads to the migration of people to other societies.

As a result, hindering growth and development which inhibits ownership of businesses among the poor by creating opportunity barriers for the poor people who want to start running small businesses. These governmental regulations like collateral favour big businesses at the expense of small businesses. However, if the government allows the poor this privilege of ownerships rights, there will be an increase in the population of the society as many of the poor will have houses to live in. This willeventually lead to the development of the society.

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Another cause of poverty in Fika is unemployment which is as a result the rich people hindering opportunity for the poor people thereby creating barriers for them to get employed. These opportunity barriers are also caused by failure of the stategovernment to provide essential infrastructures like hospitals, industries and so on which enables employment opportunities. In Fika, it is noticeable that most of the rich people have influence which helps them get jobs they are not qualified for while the poor have the talents and intelligence but lack the opportunity to apply this to different professions as they are denied of their rights.

This lack of employment make the people idle as the adage goes an idle man is the devil’s workshop. As a result, this leads to high crime rate such as stealing, armed robbery, prostitution and so on. Hindrances to employment are also caused by corruption and the bad leadership state of the nation. Thereby, the poor are left with no means of livelihood. Poverty has the following effects on the people of Fika: It leads to bad health. If a person is poor and has no means of feeding himself such a person is prone to diseases.

In Fika, most women die during pregnancy and lactation due to undernourishment during prenatal care as a result of bad health conditions. In this society, most mothers who give birth safely acquire diseases which are passed to their offspring. The second effect of poverty in Fika is illiteracy. Usually children from poor backgrounds are more intelligent than the children from rich backgrounds, but their knowledge is not applied academically. Children who are fortunate to start school end up missing their classes due to one health problem or the other.

These children suffer from so many sicknesses like chicken pox, pneumonia, measles, meningitis, which them lack concentration in classes. Some children who do not have the ability to go to school depend on their parents for survival while those that have who have the ability to school engage in unskilled labour such as hawking, washing dishes, and repairing shoes, in other to support the money they have to pay their school fees. Most of the parents did not go to school so they believe female children are not school materials so they get married off. The third effect of poverty in Fika is drug abuse.

People in this society engage in cheap drugs like tobacco, cigarette, snuff and Indian hemp which is as a result of depression and unemployment. This causes harm to the society by engaging in illegal activities like rape and kidnap. In order to make money, such people earn a living by engaging in illegal activities. This acts leads to cultism and other antisocial behaviour. However, poverty can be eradicated from Fika by introducing modern technology in order to enhance the rate of development in the society. Resources like food, water, and shelter should be provided or people in the society in order for them to avoid certain communicable disease and stay healthy.

This will contribute to the society’s development by increasing the population of people living in such locality. Also, employment opportunities should be provided by the government in order to reduce the rate at which people remain idle leading to a decline in debt ratio and reduce crime rates. Governments should also establish rescue missions in Fika to sufficiently feed hungry people and shelter the homeless by building orphanages and foundations to help the society.

Rehabilitation of works should take place so industries can reopen for people to become employable. Also the federal government should provide finance and debt management systems to prevent leveraging of credit which leads to high debt rate. Therefore, with the establishment of these agencies, the government will be able to carry out actions that will control poverty in Fika. Eventually leading to the development of the society and causing the people to live in peace and harmony.

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