Some people are not just lazy; it just seems that it is difficult to find employment right now. Many people that are in poverty are because they did not continue their education after high school and many jobs are requiring degrees. Another reason some people are in poverty, is because they made mistakes in their past and when they try to make their life right they have difficulty finding employment. There are many reasons for poverty, but most of the causes are the unemployment rate. An effect of poverty is malnutrition.

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Malnutrition during infancy and childhood years can cause many great complications with development. Many children that suffer from malnutrition could have poor immune systems, developmental problems with their nervous system, or even brain damage. Compared to children that are not poor, children in poverty are two to three times more likely to have some sort of mental or physical disability from malnutrition. Children who grow up in poverty are also usually unlikely to finish their education. Many children in poverty are about 75 percent less likely to graduate high school than a child that is not poor.

Even if a child that grows up in poverty does graduate high school, they are less likely to continue their education with college. As a matter of fact, less than four percent of children in the lowest quartile of family’s income do not graduate college. In today’s world education is important. Many jobs today will not hire people without an education or even without a college degree. All in all, poverty is a big issue. It has been for a long time, just maybe one day the government will help fix the issue. It is not fair for all the children that live in poverty to suffer because their parents work so hard just to make ends meet.

Education is the key to success these days, and we should all make sure our children are aware of that at a young age. Works Cited Chitranshi, Mansi. “Cause and Effects of Poverty. ” Articles Wave (2009). Hill, Lewis E.

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