Causes Of American Independence Movement

Independent from the British 3. Define mercantilism as practiced In the colonies, In your own words as much as possible, use a dictionary If necessary. It made sure that goods were not brought to a place on a foreign ship and that exclusive materials were shipped to the colonies. It also limited wages. 4. Why might the colonists’ have felt that mercantilism was an unfair system? It didn’t always benefit everyone the colonies for some goods can not be brought over in this system to the colonies.

5.In your opinion, which Enlightenment idea(s) had the most influence on the colonists? Why? I think that Benjamin Franklins idea of electricity and discovering it and bringing it to our country. Because without that we wouldn’t be as far as we are with the electricity we have today. 6. What was the Great Awakening? It was a religious revival in American religious History that occurred in the and early 1 century. 7. Describe how a population explosion and experiences of colonial self-rule might have contributed to the movement.

Yes cause it shows that we can survive on our own without the help of the government and that we were doing Just fine until they thought that they should rule us because were there original 13 colonies. 8. After the French and Indian War, there was less of a need for British troops by the colonies, why? When the French lost they grew apart because wanted to govern It 13 colonies and the territories gained In the war In a uniform way. 9. Very briefly describe at least one of the restrictive laws passed by the British.The quartering act Is one where colonists had to feed, give supplies and house the British soldiers. 10.

Which of the factors on the chart above was the most Important cause of the American Independent movement and why? I think that the French and Indian war because if the French wouldn’t have loss would of never happened and lives would of been saved. 1 1 . There anything you would add or remove from this chart? Why or why not? I would remove the Great Awakening because it was an event that happened.

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