Causes of the American Revolution

1 January 2018

When the treaty of Paris was signed it declared the end of the war. However, the battles managed to leave Great Britain in an enormous amount of debt. As a consequence of the war, reliant claimed it was the colonists fault therefore implicating a series of acts that taxed all necessities. The taxation put “a financial burden [on] the shoulders of the colonist. “l The Sugar Act of 1 764 was one of the first taxation passed by English Parliament in order to recover some cost from the war.

The act provided a system to load and unload cargo from the merchant ships so no smuggling could take place. It also had the power to tax certain goods that included sugar, coffee, indigo dye, and wines. 2 The colonists reacted by verbally protesting, smuggling in good, and bribing tax officials. The Stamp Act was passed March of 1765. Colonist were “required [to have] an official stamp on about 50 different types of documents, ranging from playing cards to newspapers and college diplomas. 3 The act sent the colonist into a rage since they were not allowed to suggest or elect members of parliament which “led to boycotts of British goods, petitions to the King, and a formal declaration of American grievances. ” as a result the colonist organized themselves into groups of resistance and the Sons of Liberty, led by Samuel Adams, was created.

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In response to the vicious actions that the looniest performed in response with the Sugar Act and the Stamp Act, British Parliament repealed them. However, the passed they Declaratory Act of 1766 in its place.This Act confirmed that parliament had full authority over the colonists and their legislative. The Declaratory Act had the right to tax, establish laws, and govern the colonists as they pleased. The colonists were denied their rights to have representation in parliament. 5 The Colonists became more resilient and had a greater hatred towards England. A year later in 1 767, British parliament passed the Townsend Act, which taxed all imported goods of window glass, paper, lead, paint, and tea.

The British believed that since only the wealthy could afford such luxury goods then the protests would decrease. In 1767, the Quartering Act was established amongst the colonists. It required that every colonist provide housing, food, and supplies for the British soldiers. The Colonist argued against the government because they claimed it was unfair to support the soldiers while no war is taking place. In order to help the East India Tea Company, the British Government passed the Tea Act. This particular act “did not impose NY new taxes..

. It reinforce a three-penny tax from the Townsend Acts. “7 The colonists responded with the Boston Tea Party.On December 16, 1773 the Sons of Liberty disguised themselves as Native Americans and poured over 342 chests of tea into the Boston Harbor. The government’s objective was to reduce the massive surplus of tea which took a negative turn for not only the government but even a more strict turn on the colonists. This act of rebellion left only the government with more anger than ever before. The breakout of insurgence angered the government which made them resort to heir last option of enforcing the Intolerable Acts.

The Intolerable Acts were a list of demands following the delinquent actions that took place at the Boston Harbor. This Act entitled, the Boston Harbor to be closed by a blockade until the colonists pay for all the tea that Was lost, it was illegal to have town meeting, public officials needed to be chosen by a royal governor, and all colonists needed to supply soldiers since the quartering act had been reinstated. The colonists recognized their constitutional rights and liberties which led them to have the First ContinentalCongress-8 The purpose of the congress was a voice for the people. They tried to appeal to the crown but were unsuccessful. This unsuccessful trial to overrule the crown, was later tried again with the creation of the Second Continental Congress During the time of the thirteen colonies, the colonists had no rights or say in their government. They suffered the consequences of their acts when rebelling against the government. As time went on the colonists grew frustrated in the lack of representation in the British Parliament and wanted to claim their independence.

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