Causes of the Venezuella Refinery Complex Fire Incident Essay Sample

9 September 2017

The Paraguana Refinery Complex was state-owned by the Petroleos de Venezuela. S. A. ( PDVSA ) . PDVSA has long been criticized for their carelessness in industrial safety. Since 2003. PDVSA has been plagued by 79 accidents which include 6 detonations and 7 fires within the refinery composite. Despite these incidents. no major safety steps were undertaken by the company. This makes the safety criterions of PDVSA questionable. As a consequence. the carelessness of safety protocols by the PDVSA is the root cause of the Amuay refinery detonation. Lack of Maintenance

In PDVSA’s 2011 study. it was found that seven out of the nine major care undertakings scheduled for Amuay had been postponed due to losing replacing parts. The continuance of unscheduled downtime therefore increased. The deficiency of care could hold besides resulted in failure of safety devices ( i. e. safety interlock system. safety valves ) . The gas leak may therefore be due to equipment failure that was non identified due to a deficiency of proper care. Negligence

Harmonizing to PDVSA Vice-President. a leak of propane and butane gas was detected an hr before the blast. However. workers and occupants populating nearby have reported on the odor of gas yearss before the incident. Despite this. no actions were taken to incorporate the state of affairs. Political

In 2003. Hugo Chavez. the president of Venezuela fired 18. 000 PDVSA employees and replaced them with party stalwarts. As such. the company lost many employees with expertness in industrial safety. It is besides reported that PDVSA failed to put in regular care and safety safeguards. while directing financess into authorities societal and lodging undertakings. Due to the recreation of financess and the loss of safety experts in the composite. PDVSA is therefore unable to uphold high safety criterions which might be a cause to the tragic incident.

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