Cavalier Poetry

10 October 2016

Cavalier Poetry is an early 17th century movement centered chiefly on Thomas Carew, Robert Herrick, Richard Lovelace, Henry Vaughn and John Suckling. Ben Jonson admired most of these poets. Cavalier Poetry takes its name from the supporters of King Charles I in the 17th century. These supporters at this period were called the Cavaliers; They were royalists during the civil wars.

Aspect of Literary characteriscs, Cavalier Poetry is different from metaphysical poetry because it does not use complicated metaphors and unrealistic imagery. It prefers a rather clear expression. Although It did not confuse readers with deep meaning and allegory It reflected every thought. Its subject was mostly related to carpe diem (meaning seize the day). Using of direct language is the most common characteristic of Cavalier Poetry. This states a fairly individualistic personality.

While writing, the Cavaliers admit the ideal of the Renaissance Gentleman who is a soldier, a lover, clever, a musician, and a poet.

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However They keep away from the religion subject except making several graceful speeches. They do not try understand depths of soul. Indeed, they treat life freely, and occasionally they treat poetic canvention freely, as well. Life is too enjoyable for them in a study. They must write the poems in intervals of living and their poems reflect things which are much alive and enjoyable than philosophy or art.

English Lyrical Tradition was contributed by the Cavaliers. They displayed us that it was probable for poetry celebrating the small pleasures and sadnesses of life. The most comman format of poetry that comes to mind is a typical example of the Cavalier thought structure.

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