Celcom (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Essay Sample

9 September 2017

Celcom ( Malaysia ) Sdn Bhd. a Technology Resouces Industries ( TRI ) Bhd company has been the taking nomadic cellular operator in Malaysia for the past 10b old ages. Celcom’s chief concern activity is to develop and market Mobile Service such as Celcom GSM and ART 900 and Fixed Services such as Direct Connect. Leased Lines. Equal Access and Virtual Private web ( VPN ) . Within Celcom’s short history in the telecommunications concern. it has ventured into value-added services. the latest being multimedia. Celcom Axiata Berhad provides nomadic communicating services for cutomers in Malaysia. It offers voice. nomadic broadband and electronic mail. roaming. and IDD services. every bit good as telemetry and fixed radio desk phone solutions. The company besides provides a incorporate messaging service that allows users to see a facsimile message via Web ; and Aircash services. which provide instant entree to money via client’s nomadic phone. Celcom Axiata Berhad was once known as celcom ( Malaysia ) Berhad and changed its name in December 2009.

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The company was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia. Celcom Axiata Berhad operates as a subordinate of Axiata Group Berhad.


Celcom started its operation as STM Cellular Communication in 1988 with Fleet Group and Telekom Malaysia as stockholders. Subsequently Telekom Malaysia sold its 51 % shareholding to the TRI group which was controlled by Tajuddin Ramli. Fleet Groups portion interim was transferred to the clip Engineering group which was later sold to TRI. In the initial old ages celcom experienced a enormous growing in subscriber base and web coverage under the stewardship of Rosli Man. the President of the company. It was during his term of office that celcom turned into the taking cellular companies in Malaysia. He left celcom in 1996. When the cellular phone market was opened up in 1995. celcom upgraded to the GSM900 service and rapidly grew to go the largest Mobile phone company in Malysia. Competition shortly sets in and several digital nomadic telephone company compete for market laterality. It was the age of the phenomenal growing of nomadic services. During the Asiatic fiscal crisis in 1997. Celcom’s proprietor. Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli suffered a debt crunch. and his shareholding in Celcom was seized by Danaharta. the national plus restructuring company.

Failure to decide his debts resulted in the commanding interest in celcom being sold to Telekom Malaysia. the government-owned incumbent fixed line operator in 2003. Telekom Malaysia proceeded to unify celcom with is ain mobile-operator subordinate TMTouch through a rearward coup d’etat of TMtouch. Celcom was originally listed on the Bursa Malaysia. but after the amalgamation with Telekom Malaysia Berhad. it has since remained private. Owing to the bad direction of its former direction celcom was as found apt by an arbitration panel in Switzerland for conflicting an understanding signed with Deutsche Telekom AG’s unit. Deteasia in 2002. Celcom is one of the largest telecommunications service suppliers in Malaysia and the part. Its nucleus concern remains postpaid and prepaid nomadic voice services. Celcom has besides achieved important growing in nomadic broadband. m-commerce. enterprise solution and majority wholesale services. Celcom continues to hold the widest web coverage in the state. Through on-going investing in web coverage. capacity and public presentation. celcom intends to keep its engineering leading and place as the country’s best nomadic service supplier


Shazaili was appointed Chief Executive Officer and Director of celcom on 1 September 2005 while Narain Singh Sidhu is a Chief runing officer of celcom Axiata Bhd. Suresh is presently the Chief corporate and operations officer of celcom. He has been with the Axiata group since 2009. Chrari TVT is a CFO at celcom. Mohamad Farid b. Mohamed Yunus is a Strategy and Business Transformation at celcom. Azri Abdul Rahim is a Chief people Officer at celcom. Afizulazha Abdullah is Chief operation Advance Data at celcom. Anuar bin Rozhan is Chief Solutions officer at celcom. Noor Kamarul Anuar Nuruddin is a Information Technology and Transformation at celcom. Zaiman Aefendy Zainal Abidin is a Senior Vice President of Marketing at celcom. Eric Chong Tiong is a Chief Gross saless and commercial officer at celcom. Abdul Satar Mohamed is a Chief Network Officer at celcom. Jefri Ahmad Tambi is a Regional Operation ( SABAH & A ; SARAWAK ) at celcom.

Nor Kamarul Anuar Nuruddin its originator behind the widest coverage and best web was entrusted to go on his current function as CTO. Ericson has been celcom’s long standing Spare Parts Management Service ( SPMS ) spouse since 2000. For celcom. the SPMS contract from Ericson offers a future-proof spare parts managing theoretical account. which meansthat it can follow the latest characteristics really rapidly. an of import manner to better its competitory place. Celcom has several subdivisions in Johor and Juman Resources section drama of import functions in their company. All section in Johor Bharu usage IT in their day-to-day direction. For illustration celcom usage meeting conference and e-meeting in their organisation. In order to distribute information they use BBM. samariums and electronic mail. BUSINESS MISSION AND VISION

* To delectation clients.
* To construct a profitable endeavor that maximizes investors return. * To authorise. develop and honor people. to go Malaysia’s preferable employer. * To construct win-win relationship with all our concern spouses. based on common trust. regard and support. * To work to bridge the digital divide. to construct our state and to heighten its standing abroad. * To keep the highest degrees of transparence. unity and professionalism.

Together with all stakeholders. it will do Celcom Malaysia a premium trade name: a trade name that symbolizes the spirit of freedom. aspiration. assurance. dynamism. eternity. catholicity and globalism. ( Celcom Official Website. 2009 ) .


In concern for 20 old ages. celcom was founded as a telecommunications service supplier and has evolved into high quality telecommunications provider across the Malayan market. Dato’ Sri Jamaludin Ibrahim was appointed as director/chairman of celcom ( Malaysia ) berhad on 25 April 2008. He is presently the president and group main executive officer of Axiata group berhad ( once known as Tm International Berhad ) . ( Celcom Official Website. 2009 )



The competition in the forte advertisement industry is really strong both on local. regional and national degree. doing the Celcom the market leader in Malaysia. Following the gross revenues scheme developed by their local challengers. celcom Malaysia has improved their competitory degree. through developing many telecommunications feature. supplying quality services at considerable monetary value. The competition in the telecommunication industry is really high with the latest debut of a new telecommunications service supplier ( U-mobile ) . Celcom has reduced the cost of samariums from 50 cent to 25 cent and reduced the cost of call from 35 cent to 20 cent per minute. Many other competitory steps are expecte5 | Paged to come in the market shortly every bit good. ( Williams & A ; Ferrell 1997. p. 600 )

2. Barriers TO ENTRY.

Basically in Malaysia. telecommunication service is non an oligopolistic concern. There is full freedom of entry once the company have meet up with the demands and is ready to carry through the authorities duties. There are many telecommunications service suppliers in Malaysia. runing from local service suppliers to international service suppliers. This makes the industry a strictly competitory market. Nevertheless. celcom has understood the demand to do clients satisfied and supplying non merely what they need today. but what they will necessitate in the hereafter. Through progressing engineering. they have made it hard for little companies to come in the market. thereby. making barrier to entry for other little companies. ( Williams & A ; Ferrell 1997. p. 600 )

3. Buying POWER ( CUSTOMER ) .

In today’s society. consumers have less clip for work and leisure. The trademark features for today’s merchandise are convenience and ease-of-use. In fact. if the merchandise does non salvage clip and is non easy to utilize. clients will merely disregard it. Such is the same for Malayan market. The customer’s political orientation of “quality service – less price” is still the opinion key to buy. Understanding this is rudimentss in every industry. Have been provided with many picks. the consumers in Malaysia usually go for the best service that offers the least monetary value. ( Williams & A ; Ferrell 1997. p. 600 ) .

4. Buying POWER ( SUPPLIER ) .
Technology plays the most of import function in this sector of the Malayan market. Manufacturers understand the effects of delayed supply. or deficient supply when the demand and market monetary value is high. This is why they make usage of the best engineering available to supply quality service to their clients. Many providers in Malaysia are more capital oriented than service oriented. This means that they can merely supply you with the best for the highest cost that is a “more-for-more” selling scheme. 5. POLITICAL FORCE.

There are no expected political influences or events that could impact the operation of celcom in Malaysia. This is because ; celcom is a registered company and maps under company commissariats act of the Malayan jurisprudence. ( Williams & A ; Ferrell 1997. p. 600 ) .

6. Technological FORCES.

Celcom presently offers the best broadband web in Malaysia. Technology is the fastest turning market tendency today. To keep their place as market leader. celcom has enhanced their merchandises technologically to maintain the Malayan telecommunications updated with of all time technological promotion. ( Williams & A ; Ferrell 1997. p. 600 ) .


Celcom sends personal gross revenues representatives to market their merchandises on possible clients and create service constructs for their concern or pick of order. Specifications are so sent to providers. This enhances more client trueness and relationship with the company. Although some of the clients do travel on recognition. of the one-year gross revenues are obtained from this signifier of marketing gross revenues and this is designed to make their aims of being the market leader and supplying quality services for the client and net income to the company in return. This is a possible advantage they have over their rivals as good. Celcom’s current selling scheme to keep customer-company relationship with possible client.


* Celcom maintains a merchandise distinction scheme ensuing from a strong market orientation. committedness to high quality. and customization of merchandises and services.

* There is small turnover among well-compensated employees who are liked by clients. The comparatively large size of the staff Fosters communicating and speedy response to client’s demands.

* A long-run relationship with the primary providers consequences in shared cognition of the product’s demands. attachment to quality criterions. and a common vision throughout the development and production procedure.

* The high per centum of gross revenues. suggest a satisfied client base every bit good as positive word of oral cavity. which generates new concern per twelvemonth.

* Bing the oldest telecommunications service supplier in Malaysia. has given celcom a competitory border and increased customer’s trust and trueness to the trade name.


* Celcom’s current installations are crowded ; there is small room for new employers or equipments to suit into the company.

* Celcom is reactive instead than assertive in its selling attempts because of its heavy trust on customer’s reaction for merchandise satisfaction.

* While the staff size improves growing and communicating. it besides impedes committedness on the side of the staff and deficiency of specialisation.

* Both the merchandise line and the client base deficiency variegation. Dependence on current recording equipment rates could shed blood complacence. invite competition. or make false sense of client satisfaction. Development of a merchandise that would supply better quality service by the rivals would likely set celcom out of concern.

* The non-seasonality of the merchandises and services creates constriction in productiveness and hard currency flows. topographic points inordinate emphasis on the forces and strains on the installation.

* The hapless niche market could be a competitory advantage for their rivals to derive an advantage over them. and this could take to a dramatic lessening in customer’s trueness.

* High cost of merchandises and service could change the purchasing power of the consumers. particularly in this clip of planetary recession.


In order to vie with their rivals and survive in the market topographic point. celcom need to do certain that their system and managing is the best among the others. The first recommendation to better the concern of celcom is by constructing their system efficaciously and expeditiously. It can be achieved by survey of the internal and external environment of market topographic point. By utilizing this method. celcom can better their gross revenues and productiveness. For illustration. other than utilizing IT aid Desk to better internal environment. celcom besides can modify their procedure flow and presentment so that it can be faster and easier. Besides that. Celcom besides need to better their coverage. There are a few countries that still face with the job of coverage. Make the instance survey more often to acknowledge the alterations that happen in the populace. Increase the restriction for every base station if necessary in order to do clients can excess to the cyberspace more easy without coverage job. The other recommendation is by create and increase the trueness of the clients. Celcom can do a trueness plan such as a particular nine for their user. Offer more price reduction to the client by making a celcom client card. The longer the clients stay utilizing celcom. the more they will acquire the price reduction. So. by utilizing this method client will be more involvement to celcom instead than others.


Information engineering is really of import in all industries particularly celcom. the eldest telecommunication company in Malaysia. Without information engineering. it will be really difficult for people to make out with each other. To reason. celcom is one of the market leaders in the industry. Currently celcom provides many merchandises and services that suites different client demands. runing from economic systems. concern. and household and leisure satisfaction. Without information engineering. celcom will non be able to turn and go one of the most successful companies as it is right now. In add-on. information engineering does consequence its day-to-day operation as it makes the concern procedure more convenient. organized and salvage more clip. Furthermore. as more and more Malaysians look for ways to maintain in touch with each other. celcom’s popularity and quality services has helped pull more clients relationship and trade name trueness every bit good as able to vie with other industries such as Maxis. Digi and uMoblie for a better web coverage and bring forth more grosss in the hereafter.


* Deusen. C. V. Williamson. S. & A ; C. Babson. H. ( 2007 ) . Business Policy and Strategy. United Stages of America ; Aurbach Publication.

* Celcom’s Official Website 2009. accessed on 10 July 2009.

* John. B & A ; Keith. P. 2005. pull offing invention: integrating technological. market and organisation alteration. 3rd Ed. toilet Wiley. England.

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