Celebrities Abusing Drugs

9 September 2016

Celebrities, famous people, idols are people we all seem to worship, look up to or just simply wish to be them. Celebrities always say to their fans or sing songs about how they’re just like everyone else and how they want to be treated normally, but people still look up to them and to every little thing they do. Whether what they choose to do is a good thing or bad it all has influence on their fans. It’s not the fact that people don’t treat them normally like a normal person but how they don’t act like a normal person in the first place.

They can get away with laws that other normal people cannot. If a celebrity gets caught with drugs the whole world acts as if it’s so funny and the fact that it is just a typical thing with famous people. What really makes celebrities get away with something like this? The money? The Power? From Michael Jackson to Whitney Houston to Bruno Mars or Justin Bieber have done drugs. Everyone knows it, then why aren’t they getting in trouble like any normal teenager doing drugs would. Take Bruno Mars for example, he has been taking cocaine even before he became famous according to U.S.

A Weekend but everyone acts like it’s nothing and no one really cares anymore. People already accept the fact that he does drugs because they think it’s a typical thing. 66% of celebrities are drug users while 40% of teenagers use drugs studies show from DailyNews. com. Just like Whitney Houston if Bruno Mars were to pass away from taking drugs people would see “This person was such a great, wonder person” It would seem like the whole world forgot the fact that this person took drugs and that’s the reason for his death.

People pity drugs users thinking they’ve reached the dead ends of their lives but why do people not think the same for celebrities. Instead of pity there seems to be more glory in taking drugs when you’re a celebrity. People think taking drugs is a small thing and they overlook it but in reality your biggest heroes turns out to be some disgusting drug addict. Like George Washinton who was an alcoholic his entire life but people don’t think of that when they see his face printed on the American bills instead people think of him as a great leader.

Most people say that what celebrities do is none of our business when you see their faces on newspaper and magazines with big headlines. Depression is the leading cause of teenagers being drug users while stress is the cause for celebrities taking drugs. Celebrities are stressed over the jobs they have, when some people might think they have the perfect lives celebrities are normally stressed when people comment on everything they do whether they hate or love them for it. Celebrities never get privacy and thus the stress leads them to drugs.

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