Celebrity Endorsement

2 February 2017

Celebrity Endorser Influence on Attitude towards Advertisements and Brands Abstract The research paper was written by Bahram Ranjbarian Associate Professor of Management, Zahra Shekarchizade, Zahra Momeni, Master Students of Business Management from The University of Isfahan, Iran.

The research was conducted in Iranin 2009 and was published in European Journal of Science in 2010.This study aims to analyze the celebrity endorser influence on attitude toward advertisements and brand. A celebrity is a person who enjoys public recognition and with his or her popularity influences the purchasing behavior of the consumers. Marketers identify Celebrity Endorsement as a most prevalent form of advertising and hence invest a huge amount of money in this strategy. Advertiser assumes that by adopting Celebrity Endorsement will help in creating a positive felling towards the brand, a high recall value, Brand identification, Brand positioning and finally resulting in consumer purchasing the product.In this paper the information was obtained from students from The University of Isfahan. A questionnaire survey was conducted with 193 (137 women and 56 men) randomly selected students of the age group between 19 and 30.

Celebrity Endorsement Essay Example

A cluster sampling procedure with age and degree with main control variable was applied. The questionnaire was measured by using Likert Scale. A pilot study of 30 questions was conducted in order to measure the reliability of question.The findings said that influence of using a celebrity endorser in Iranian advertisement showed positive and significant relationship between attitude towards celebrity endorser and attitude towards brand and advertisement. The study concludes that attitude towards Celebrity Endorsement has direct or indirect influence towards Celebrity Endorsement. The Iranian consumers do not have significant influence of celebrity on purchase. The study finds that Iranian’s consumer tendency for buying is influenced by other various items such as age, gender, income and education.

Celebrity Endorsement: A Congruity Measure of Personalities Abstract: The research was conducted by Reshma Farhat And Dr. Bilal Mustafa Khan from the Department of Business Administration, Aligarh Muslim University, Uttar Pradesh, India. The findings were published in the Research on Humanity and Social Science journal, Vol. 13 in 2011. The purpose of the study is to find the congruence between the personality of a brand being endorsed and that of the targeted personality of a celebrity.In today’s dynamic and highly competitive business environment marketers turn to celebrity endorsement to influence consumer brand choice. Congruency is a factor that assess the fit between the brand and the other entity.

This study foresee into the effects of congruity in the process of advertisement and how the presence of celebrity endorsers affects this congruity. The study focuses to the measure the congruence between Shahrukh Khan’s personality and Sunfeast brands personality.The researcher has collected the information with the help of a questionnaire which consisted of 42 items of Aaker,s brand personality scale. The survey was conducted through personal interview and through e-mail among 150 respondents within the age group 18-30. Majority of the respondents were students. The questionnaire developed was a structured one with a single question asking respondents to rank 42 adjectives (based on Aaker’s scale). The question had five-point Likert’s scale response with Strongly Disagree and Strongly Agree as the scale.

Data analysis was done by calculating the central tendency measure, Mean. Separate means were found for every brand Sunfeast and Shahrukh Khan. The study used Graphic techniques such as SPSS ; Excel to plot and compares the mean. The congruence between a celebrity and a brand is an important concept. Celebrity endorsements would be more effective if they are consistently used over time to create the link between the brand and the celebrity. The study finds that the targeted endorser Shahrukh Khan is having a successful association with the chosen brand Sunfeast.The research paper shows that there is a lower degree of congruence between the brand Sunfeast and Shahrukh Khan on some personality dimensions such as Competence, Ruggedness and Sophistication while they are quite close in certain other brand personality dimensions like Sincerity and Excitement The study with its limitation of limited sample size, the findings of this study are quite significant as it highlights the relevance of using celebrity endorser and congruity effect as a foundation block for building successful brands.

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