Celebrity Testimonials: Effectiveness of the Advertisement “Lux Soap”

6 June 2016

Celebrity Testimonials are considered as the best techniques with regards to their impact on word of mouth publicity. Testimonials by the celebrities increase the readability of the consumers and help the product image to be built by vouching for the features, advantages and benefits of the product. Analyzing the example of Lux Advertisement, it has been advertised and endorsed by several celebrities and their message does create a huge impact in terms of the overall brand building. In one of its ad, the Bad Shah of the film cinema Shah Rukh khan says ‘Aaj mein aapko batanewala hoon meri khubsurati ka raaz – LUX.

Ab batayein aapka favorites LUX Star kaun hai?’ there by indicating the products usability for themselves as well as for the target audiences. They proudly justify their preference for the brand as a secret of their glowing complexion thus helping in improving the believability, brand recall factor and brand recognition. The execution method is adopted based on the segmentation procedure which is fetched by geographically connected to the audience in terms of age, geography, class, gender etc and psychologically getting connected by showing their loyalty and love for their super stars.

Celebrity Testimonials: Effectiveness of the Advertisement “Lux Soap” Essay Example

This advertisement which provides the best example for celebrity testimonials was definitely effectives in its execution, but usually such testimonials are rated as far below average because such ads create a brand preference for the sake of their celebrities and not for the product preference. As a result of which the brand recall factor dies off as soon as the commitment and the credibility of the endorser are lost. Such an effect is known as Vampire Effect and will not serve the benefit for the product and the company on a long term basis.

The Lux Testimonial Advertisement by the celebrities has made a huge difference in the consumers’ tastes and preferences and hence it has already been recognized as the trusted brand in the nation.


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