Cell Phone Speech

10 October 2016

To start it, I’ll tell you about the common function of cell phone, after that I’ll tell about theadvantages and disadvantages, and then its bad and good effect for university student. Finally, I’llgive my own perspective in the end of my speech. First, I’ll talk about the function of cell phones. I’m sure that all of you have known that the functionof cell phone is for communication. As we know that nowadays most of people in this world,especially teenagers, can’t live without cell phones.

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It is shown by data fromPew Research Center’sInternet & American Life Project (Lenhart, Ling, Campbell, & Purcell, 2010)that 75% of 12? 17-year-olds own cell phones. Cell phone is different with telephone. If a telephone just used for calling, acell phone can be used for calling and texting. In this era, cell phone’s texting has become a basiccommunication between people, especially for teens. More over, for teens who still given money bytheir parents will choose texting than calling, because the fact is texting is cheaper than calling.

Thisday, there are many types of cell phones, and most of that new brand cell phones are completedwith internet connection. So, we can not just texting and calling, but we can emailing, surfing, orsharing something through internet in cell phone. Next, every gadget in this world exactly has advantages and disadvantages. Now, I’ll tell you aboutthe advantages and disadvantages of cell phones. Because we are Medical Faculty students, so I’lltell the advantages of cell phones that related to health. Do you know that cell phone can help us totake care our healthy? Ya, cell phone can do it.

We can communicate with a nutrition advisor orsearching about healthy life style with cell phone. I have an experience about it. Yesterday, I was sick,and with cell phone I can call my sister, so she can bought me some medicines. And everyday, mymom always remembering me to drink my medicine, so I can be health again like now. Beside theadvantages, cell phones also has disadvantages. Related to health, cell phones can make eye strainbecause of lack of sleep. Cell phone also can disturb mental health, for example someone can bebullying through cell phone texting and that can make mental be down.

The last thing I wanna tell to all of you is the effect of cell phone for us as university student. I’m surethat everyone in here have your own cell phone, right? I’m also sure that your cell phone give someeffects that change your behavior. One of that effect is dishonesty. Center on Media and ChildHealth in 2007states that The Pew Internet & American Life Project found that 39% of cell usersages 18-29 say they are not always truthful about where they are when they are on the phone.

Iagree with that statement because sometimes I do that too, especially if I am on the phone withsomeone who I hate. I’ll lie to her/him because I hate them. Yeah something like that. But rememberone important thing : Don’t ever lie to your parent! Maybe next time all of you will find and feel theother effect from cell phone by your self. Now, I wanna end my speech here. One sentence from me,a thing will be a good thing if the person who wear that thing is good. So, let be a good person tomake all the things better.

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