Cell Phones Gone Bad!

Cell phones people say mankind’s best invention and others say that they are corrupting society. In the U.S more and more people are leaving the landlines for cell phones and that is affecting the 911 emergency services providers. The most common users are about young people but also there are just 2% of adults having no cell phone. So makes you think that if cell phones should be banned from when you’re driving or in a car with someone that uses their cell while driving.

Studies have seen that talking on a cell phone or just talking on a Bluetooth headset are worse than drunk drives. The University of Utah psychologists ran a test show that people with a cell phone or using a headset are more likely to crash than a drunk driver. Even if the drunk driver is at the legal blood alcohol limit (.08). Both drunk driving and talking on a cell phone are very similar.

But besides the whole talking while driving is bad well a doctor named Dr. Ronald Herberman from the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute warned the faculty and staff of the harmful electromagnetic radiation that might come from cell phones and that all of that radiation might cause cancer.

There is still no evidence of cancer caused by cell phones. But the world health organization on a long investigation showed that there are some increased of risking some brain tumor if the cell phone is used for about 10 years or more. Also researchers found out that people that use cell phones have a 10% to maybe 30% greater risk than people that barley use cell phones. Not only can a cell phone cause cancer but the cell phone can set on fire from its battery.

In a case a woman and living in Plymouth, North Carolina. She was awakened by a smell that was coming from her son’s room. Her son’s phone battery had overheated and had the bed catch on fire but luckily her son was not badly burn. There had been lots of reports about cell phones catching on fire because of an either defective battery or the users using the wrong charger. There were safety tips told by The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Cell phones have a battery that is called Li-Ion that is very sensitive form a stress that is physical. British researchers are giving out warnings to people with children shouldn’t have cell phones. So that’s why the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) gave out the safety tips. Here are a few safety tips from CPSC; one is not to use a different battery or charger, two is not to take the battery from the phone out just to come into contact with coins or metal, three is not to crash the battery, four is to try not to drop the phone. Now you should take some consideration on these tips and that cell phones can be evil.

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