Cell Phones Should Be Banned in the School

6 June 2016

Cell Phones Should Be Banned in the School Ninety-two percent of students use cell phones in the classroom and only ten percent admit about it. It is a sensational number that these many students use cell phone during class to text, browse internet, exchange emails, send pictures or check social networking sites (Tindell & Bohlander, 2012). The use of mobile cause copious concerns including disruption in the classrooms, providing opportunity to cheat and is an instrument for crimes.

The very common problem caused by the use of cell phones is the distraction in the class. It was discovered by End, Worthman, Mathews and Wetterau (2010) that it was very damaging when the cell phones rang during an ongoing video presentation which diminished the quality of information presented due to phone rings interruption. In a study conducted by Burns and Lohenry (2010) revealed that 40% students agreed on the usage of mobiles during the class and their activity caused distraction to almost 85% of the students. Ringing of mobile is not unusual these day, but still professors and students find it infuriating and disconcerting as it disrupts the learning environment.

Cell Phones Should Be Banned in the School Essay Example

Students using cell phones are not only losing their attentiveness but also diverting other students in the class. Cheating by the use of cell phones is additional concern. Student often misuse the device for copying in the regular lectures for any activity and during exams as well. Tolson (2008) mentions that 11 nursing students were found guilty of the act of exchanging answers from those who have already finished the test at Prairie View A&M University (as cited in Tindell et. al 2012). Exchanging answers during tests or searching for answers on internet is the common practice of the students when mobile phones are allowed in the class. Students know how well they can use the device to cheat in tests and so they store the material which is not a big thing in a smart phone before going to class and use it during the tests.

The circumstances cannot be ignored that the use of cell phones in class can give rise to other serious situations like crime. Crimes by the use of cell phones is becoming a foremost concern. It was reported in an article that one out of five students in New Zealand high schools have being victim of cyber bullying (Fuatai 2012). In the same article author reveals a case of 15 years old girl’s video in which she was seen assaulted by other students. The brutal video became viral and caught controversy in which the girl was seen severely beaten by her fellow classmates. It is common sense to say that the mentioned crime is serious and will have a huge impact on the girl’s life.

This raises the question about the necessity of use of cell phones in the high schools. Mobile devices are becoming the reason for not only cyber-bullying but also for harassment, fraud, trolling and cyber-stalking. People argue that it is beneficial to use the cell phones in the class or school as they think it can be used to contact in case of emergency. However if the students need to contact their respective parents or vice versa than it can be done through school’s office phones. Some also believe that usage of mobiles can be seen as learning tool in the class. Cell phones can be utilized to gather information, acquire deep knowledge and to access dictionary, calculator and calendar. But unfortunately this doesn’t materializes, often students end up using mobile for amusement purpose and misuse it in different ways.

They text during class, pass remarks about teachers through pictures and texts, violate copyright rules and comprehensively use it for academic dishonesty. The use of cellphone is more destructive than constructive. Apparently, cell phones interrupt the learning environment in the class, disturbs students sitting nearby of the user, and greatly contributes in law-breaking and misdirection. Furthermore, use of mobile makes the student unproductive by making them totally dependent on technology such that even for simple calculation they have to use calculators on mobile phone. Also students lose their social skills and ignore the traditional expectations of the class. Therefore it is very essential to avoid the use of cell phones in the schools.

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