Celtic Woman Music Review by Celtic Woman

1 January 2020

What song should I listen to now? Vivaldi’s Rain? Someday? Bridge Over Troubled Water? You Raise Me Up? Ave Maria? I just can’t seem to make up my mind.
Some of these songs may sound unfamiliar to you. That is because my taste in music is different from what most of the peers in my generation are used to listening to.
I prefer to listen to the voices of a group called Celtic Woman. Celtic Woman is a singing group from Ireland. David Downes is the composer who writes or arranges the music. He decided to form a singing group as he continued his music career. Celtic Woman sings New Age and Pop music. They also sing traditional Irish music.
The original group consisted of vocalists Chloe Agnew, Lisa Kelly, Meav Ni Mhaolchotha, and Orla Fallon. Orla also plays the harp. Mairead Nesbitt accompanies the group as she plays her fiddle. Downes and the group produced their first album, Celtic Woman: Celtic Woman, in 2005. They also produced their first Christmas album, Celtic Woman: A Christmas Celebration. That album was released in 2006.
A new member, named Hayley Westenra, joined the group for the production of Celtic Woman: A New Journey. This album was released in 2007. Hayley left the group after the production of the album.
The album, Celtic Woman: The Greatest Journey was released in 2008. The group is joined by Lynn Hilary and Alex Sharpe. In 2010, Meav and Orla left the group and went on to pursue other musical dreams. This was the year that the album, Celtic Woman: Songs from the Heart, was released. Alex and Lynn also left the group after this album was produced. Alex was put in place of Lisa Kelly when she left to be on maternity leave.
In 2011, Celtic Woman produced and released their Celtic Woman: Believe album. Lisa Lambe joins the group for this production
The latest album, Celtic Woman: Home for Christmas, was released in late 2012. Join Chloe, Lisa Lambe, Mairead, and Meav, who makes a reappearance with the group, for their fourth holiday album.
Chloe, Lisa Lambe, and Mairead are still touring their Believe performance. Since member Lisa Kelly left the group to go on maternity leave, Susan McFadden now joins the group as they continue touring their concerts in North America.
If you ever need music that is uplifting and will help brighten your day, Celtic Woman is the group of musicians to listen to. The voices of Chloe, Lisa Lambe, Lisa Kelly, and the fiddle playing of Mairead, and the other members depending on which album you are listening to, will help get your mind off of anything that may be troubling you.

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