3 March 2019

If you could change anything from your past what would you change? Many times I have wondered what I would change. Certain dissections or everything and just start over with a clean slate. I believe that everything happens for a reason. That making mistakes is fin but learning from them will make you an even better person. Then I wonder if I was to change certain parts of my life that I dint like or where I took a wrong turn would that effect that good events that happened after wards? No ones life has been what we’ve wished for but I could sincerely say that after thinking about it for a few minutes. I wouldn’t change anything from my past. My past has made me into the person that I am today.

Most of my life I have moved from one place to another. From the beginning I have been playing, trying to cache up with everyone else.

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Many teachers have helped me out and I still send them an email from time to time. There have also been teachers that just want to put you down. They just want to see you secede. My freshman year I attended Sammamish high in Bellevue. I believe that’s a great school. We had the best principal (Mr. Welch). When he left during my sophomore year it was really sad and everything changed. The new principal and vice principal changed everything. They began to kick students out of school because “they wouldn’t be able to graduate on time” is what they said. This happened to many of my friends. Of cores we couldn’t just let that happen. We talked to many people to see who would help us to bring those students back and we did after a few months thanks to Mr. Welch. Even though many didn’t come back because they felt that they worn wanted. This experience really opened my eyes. What I saw was that it doesn’t matter if other people believe in you or not. It made me want to prove everyone wrong. Everyone that thought I wouldn’t make it through I would failed and never make it. All those obstacles that life has thrown at me I’ve overcome and that’s what I plan to do for the once that are to come. Just like they say “what doesn’t kill you makes, you stronger.”

I’m very thankful for those people that have encouraged me to be better and even the once that have tried to bring me down. All those good and bad experiences have made me what I am today. A person that won’t be satisfy with just a high school diploma. A person that know what she wants and that she will get it no matter what. I wouldn’t change anything from my past. That’s what makes me what I am and what I in the person I will become.

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