12 December 2018

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to switch places with your mom? Or what losing your job would be like? In the summer of 2014 I faced both of these problems. I had just started caddying and was not looking forward to it but, I had just my parents saw it as more than a job–it was a learning experience. I would do anything to avoid going to work even when my parents encouraged me. As an only child my parents always put me first but, when one of them needed me I put everything aside because family comes first.

In 2014 my mom fell from a 20 foot ladder. She broke her pelvis and shattered her wrist from the impact of the fall. She was put into a hospital and needed to get surgery for both of her injuries. My dad stayed with her for as long as he could but had to work so I took care of my mom. I had to go to the hospital two times a day to check in on her and see if she needed anything. The situation was very awkward for me because for the first time my mom and I had switched roles. At the time I was happy to take care of my mom because it was an excuse for me not to go to work. For my job you have to be in the top 100 in order to come back the next year. In the back of my head I knew that I was not going to make that because of the situation I had on my hands. After the year had ended I had found out I didn’t take the top 100. My parents were disappointed that I did not make the list but where more proud that I had helped my mom when she needed it. The next year my mom talked to my boss and told him why I didn’t make the list. He was very understanding and gave me my job back.

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The next summer when I got back to work I was extremely motivated to make my parents proud and succeed in my job. I worked hard the entire year finished in the top 100 and even received a promotion. As a kid, I didn’t realize how important it was tohave a flexible well paying job. My parents always set me up for success and when I was little I was not able to recognize that. By putting everything aside during the situation I was able to learn valuable life lessons along with important things about myself. I learned that no matter what happens in life family always come first and that you never know how someone feels until you walk in their shoes. I took for granted what my mom had always done for me because I thought it was just what she was supposed to do. After I took care of her for that summer I realized how hard she worked to suit my every need no matter how hard the task. I learned that I am hardworking and when I put my mind to something im devoted to do it to the best of my abilities.

The situation helped me to evolve into the person that I have become and at the same time show me that family is the most important thing in life. Spending the time with my parents during a time of hardship brought us closer then we had ever been. I was able to make them proud because of my actions regarding the accident and how I bounced back in life stronger than ever. Not only did I learn things about myself but my family learned that no matter the situation we can always count on one another.

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