Change over Time

5 May 2017

The migration starts out of Africa and the people start to settle and create city-states in 6 continents. Now the people of this area start to build and construct new tools to use. The people are in tribes there are no real political system. Socially the people start to trade with each other and use new goods. Also there is the start of the social classes. The people start to use a spoken language to communicate. Gender roles for the people start to emerge. Religion starts to become more important and more complex.

In the Middle East between 8000-500 BCE there were changes in the demography, political, and social. For example a change is the social classes become more defined in this time. The priest start to be more important to the culture and the religion starts to become more complex and guides daily life. The gender differences started to come more clear, for example the rule and the status of the women is determined. Politically the government starts to emerge and the kings/priests are starting to lead.

Change over Time Essay Example

Socially the population starts to increase because of people settling down. Continuity in demographic, political, and social in 500 BCE becomes more advanced. The population is increasing because of more people leaving the nomadic ways of life and settling in the city-states. Patriarchy continues to dominate the social classes of the area. The religion is still very important and is very important in everyday life. The religion is also combined with the government because of the priests ruling the area.

The diseases start to create new plagues, and some diseases increase because of the amount of people in one place. The global connection is that the same changes and continuities are taking place in other river valley civilizations like Nile River Valley, Indus, and China The major changes that occurs during the Middle East between 8000-500 BCE is the agriculture begins to emerge and alter the way of life in that time. Change over Time Essay By norburg

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