Change: The Influence of IT

4 April 2015
This paper outlines the significant changes information technology has on individual’s daily lives.

This paper examines the important role information technology has had in shaping society. It specifies the development of the silicon chip and its influence on everything from cell phones to computers, and their roles in daily routine. It further discusses the speed at which information can now be accessed and the future of IT. It also briefly points to some of the effects the new technologies might have on privacy.
While technology changes around us in all areas of our lives with dizzying speed, one area of technological change that makes one of the most noticeable differences in our lives is in the arena of information technology. The amount of information available in the future will continue to grow, and our ability to access and manipulate it will also continue to grow. This paper examines briefly some of the ways in which information technology will change in the future, and whether these changes will prove to be beneficial or harmful.
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