Change Your Boring Life by Traveling

1 January 2017

Nowadays, our lives depend on doing the same things again and again, therefore, we thought about a way to get out from our daily routine. There are many ways to do that, one of these ways call traveling. Have you ever get tired from your daily life ? Do you want to run out from stress and daily life ? any human might get suck from his daily life, because it has many similar events every day.

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Change Your Boring Life by Traveling
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If you want to change your life and refresh your body read this article, because it might be a turning point in your life ! Some people are traveling around the world in there all life. People call these kind of people “voyager”. They are just traveling to see the real world like Ibn Majid and Columbus. There are another kind of traveling. I call this type “ exploring yourself trip”. Sometime and when we fill like we are empty from inside and life has no meaning we go to trip to see the mirror of our soul.

Some people come out from this trip much stronger and better, for example Paulo Coelho (the most famous writer in the world) when he can’t write a novel he take his bicycle and go to trip for a three or four years. He did this thing twice, and in the second time he come back with the most famous novel in the world (Alchemist). Alchemist join in the Genies as the most reading and translated book in the world. They translate it to more than a 18 language. Traveling can make your life better.

You can get away from your daily routine and stress. It can change our lives to the better. Especially if we travelled to a natural place like Hawaii. What is more, traveling can give you a real information about the real world. You can gain a big knowledge just by traveling. Some people never read a book. They just travel, but they have information about the word more than a Geography professor in a university, because they touch, smell and saw the real world. Furthermore, traveling can create memories for a life time.

Life is very short, so why we don’t invest it. This memories can even became a nice story to tell in the future. Traveling is very good way to invest your time, and develop solving problems ability. Which all jobs need it at this time. Over all, I didn’t ask you to be a voyager and take your all life in travelling, but I also didn’t ask you to stay at home as a potato bag and do nothing. You should explore the world, and know how others live, By this way you will get a hundreds of good benefits.

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