12 December 2017

Throughout my exploration of the area of study and Robert Frosts poetry, I have realized that change Is a natural part of life’s Journey this Journey Involves realizing that change defines a sense of self.

The text’s The Road Not Taken and Stopping by Woods On A Snowy Evening communicated this epiphany. This discussion will explore this essay in relation to poetic narrative, tone, natural imagery and the motif of time. The various techniques and devices are illustrated throughout both poems, allowing the reader to acknowledge the statement that “Change defines a sense of self”.Frost evocatively explores the thesis that change defines a sense of self though the poetic narrative of The Road Not Taken. TERN depicts a traveler In a “yellow wood” who comes to a fork In the road. The persona pauses to contemplate which road to take, “long I stood”. Eventually, the traveler chooses one road “keeping the first for another day” while “doubting test he should ever come back”.

Change Essay Example

The poem closes with a profound meditative statement “somewhere ages and ages hence”. L took the ones less traveled by and that has made all the difference. ” Thus, it is show hat change defines a sense of self by highlighting the main Idea that the persona has to go through changes that define who he Is to continue and grow as a person throughout life. Frost in The Road Not Taken employs an intimate reflective and at times regretful tone in exploring the notion that, change defines a sense of self. Frost highlights the sense of loss that accompanies making a decision in the title The Road Not Taken.The persona is “sorry’ that he “cannot travel both and be one traveler” (and retain his Identity) S/He realizes the poignancy of the situation which s conveyed In the emotionally charged “Oh” and reinforced by the meditative realization that ” I kept the first for another day’ . ” Yet knowing way leads onto way, I doubted if I should ever come back.

” This notion of loss and awareness of the impact our decisions make in changing out lives is related in the climax poof the poem. I shall be telling this with a sigh somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I – took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. ” Thus, we can see how Frost has proven change defines a sense of self throughout the exploration of tone within the poem. Frost’s conceptualization of the persona’s life being represented by a walk through a “yellow wood” Is communicated by Natural Imagery in TERN. The paths represents the choices and changes that a person experiences in life.The destination of the “roads” are obscured by “the undergrowth”. Thus choices the traveler makes, and extension ourselves, do not have a predestined outcome.

These choices are therefore riddled with uncertainty. The number of choices we make In life that confront the “traveler” are Innumerable” as Is symbolized by the “trees” and “woods”. Therefore, It can be seen that Frost effectively explores the journey of life and the decisions that define our sense of self by utilizing natural imagery.Time is an evocative and effective motif in TERN that Frost employs to communicate his belief that change involves making decisions that define a sense of self. The “yellow wood”represents autumn a season of change and transition “Autumn” in literature is also a symbol of middle age, when one reflects one’s youth, and contemplates the “Winter” of old age and death. Arguably this contemplating his life’s Journey and the decisions the “persona” makes which enable the “persona” to see that change defines a sense of self.It is shown throughout analyzing Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening that change defines a sense of self.

Utilizing the devices poetic narrative, tone , natural imagery and the motif of time, this epiphany is clearly elucidated. The poetic narrative of Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening explores the concept of change. A lone traveler stops on “the darkest evening of the year” to watch “woods fill up with snow”.The ‘persona’s’ only companion in the dark and snowy landscape is his “little horse” the traveler contemplates the woods that are “lovely dark and deep” , but must continue because he has “miles to go before he sleeps”. It can be seen that Frost effectively explores the Journey of life and the decisions that define our sense of self by reelecting on the persona’s Journey throughout life. The over aching metaphor of Robert Frost’s SUBSET explores the notion of depression, suicide. The traveler pauses on his Journey in the dead of winter, to “watch the woods fill up with snow”.

He is alone except for his “little horse” in a frozen landscape. This represents a persona’s contemplation of his ‘dark’ depressed condition. It is poised between the “frozen lake” (His sterile, lonely assistance) and the lure of the “lovely,deep and dark” woods( Suicide) . Alone, the traveler contemplates which choice to make that will change him suicide (woods) on the village. Affably he chooses to live symbolized by “promises” he has to keep and the repetition of the image “And miles to go before I sleep (Death) , and miles to go before I sleep”.The statement ‘Change defines a sense of self’ is distinctly shown as the ‘Persona’ has chosen to stay away from the “Lovely “dark” and “deep” woods, allowing to advance in his Journey throughout life. The tone of SUBSET is personal, meditative and reflective.

The persona’s account of a significant moment in his life hat requires him to reflect on life ( Stopping in the depth of winter in an isolated spot “between the woods and frozen lake” ) Creates the intimate reflective tone.The repetition of “l” , “Me” and “My” highlighting the person is created by the rhythmical use of rhyming (Know/Though/Snow) shoes the echoes the rhythm of horses hoofs. This is reinforced by the use of repetition of “And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep”. The texts from Robert Frost both address the concept of change and have helped me to understand that change certainly does define a sense of self. Throughout my Journey of life, I have witnessed and experienced myself how certain experiences change how a person interacts and continues on with their life.These ‘experiences’ help us realize who we really are, and what we are capable of. Through the use of language features such as poetic narrative and tone, this concept has been thoroughly portrayed by each text as I have used reference to both Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening and The Road Not Taken to demonstrate that the change that is experienced throughout life whether it be insignificant or prominent is determined by the definition of ourselves.

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