I have always believed that each and every one of us is destined for something great. Regardless of imperfections, we all have our contributions in the upheaval of society. As a young child, I have always dreamt of being a part of the roster of medical practitioners. Radiologic Sciences and Therapy was one of the courses that have appealed to me greatly, and I would opt to acquire the degree form the OSU.

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I did not waste any opportunity thrown at me. I took all of the required courses in order for me to be accepted in the field of Radiologic Sciences, including Biology, Chemistry, Calculus, Physics, and Medical Terminology. GEC classes, such as Anatomy and Physiology were also taken as pre-requisites.

I believe that this institution has the capability to equip me with information needed to become successful in this field. In preparation for my chosen career, I also volunteered for the Radiation Oncology Department of the Grant Medical Center. The fifty hours of clinical observation allowed me to deal with patients who were suffering with cancer.

In addition to this, I was being prepared emotionally and professionally, so that I may be able to deal with saving lives in the most objective way. It is my goal to use the knowledge and experiences in striving hard and shining in my chosen field.

My dreams and aspirations in life do not end after graduation. After gaining much experience, I plan to go back to school and acquire more knowledge. This would allow me to participate in researches that would focus on treatments of diseases and in the upheaval of health in general. We are in constant world filled with change, and I would like to touch the lives of others making them see that anything is possible with dedication.

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