Changing My Community

1 January 2018

To better the Irving community, I would first change the hindering paradigms which many uses as limitations to themselves. Many perceive the Irving community as a filthy home in desperate need of spring cleaning, a common euphemism for its urgent need of change.

Accustomed to a concerted paradigm that any product of Irving is stamped for failure, many of my schoolmates settle for below average but passing grades, and therefore a mediocre lifestyle. If paradigms are like glasses, I would hand out many new prescriptions. Next, I would encourage a spirit of endurance.It is necessary that a community exemplifies this virtue flawlessly, if they wish to conquer many obstacles gracefully and dare to make a mockery out of false statistics. It is arguable that many attempts to bring forth change has failed,however, other attempts envisioned a quick fix, an abrupt change, nevertheless, it takes an effective gradual process to encourage change which is occurring within to be born.

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To begin with, Sean covey once stated, ” Just as positive self-paradigms can bring out the best in us, negative self-paradigms can put limitations on us.Many students attending the only High school in the Irving Community have made negative self- paradigms their realities.

It is Vital that we teach them to open their minds and hearts to new information ideas, and point of veils. To help them create more accurate and complete paradigms, we must Inform at a very young age that circumstances does not define individualistic. Parents must make it their responsibilities to help build self-confidence and great expectations. It Is necessary that we promote positive self-paradigms In our community.The better our future adders prepare themselves, the more seeds of hope will be planted. Endurance Is defined as the ability to continue or last, despite fatigue, stress or other adverse conditions-a characterless of many flourishing communities. It Is not enough to change our paradigms, but continue to endure until we shelve our goal.

Despite our dally trials, our mission as a community Is to be able to understand, care, and harmonize. Just as spring cleaning takes time, with time, love, tidiness and education, our Irving community will soon become a warm and welcoming home.

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