Chapter 6

The couriers de bois were
French fur trappers.
New England colonists were outraged when British diplomats returned ____ to France in 1748.
Benjamin Franklin’s plan for colonial home rule was rejected by the individual colonies because
it did not seem to give enough independence to the colonies.
The long-range purpose of the Albany Congress 1754 was to
achieve colonial unity and common defense against the French threat.
Benjamin Franklin published in his Pennsylvania Gazette his most famous cartoon of the colonial era, a disjointed snake, which
promoted the idea that America, if they did not accept the Albany Plan, would be cut apart and die.
The 1759 Battle Of Quebec
ranks as one of the most significant victories in British and American history.
Chief Pontiac decided to try to drive the British out of the Ohio Valley because
the Indians were in a precarious position.
In the peace arrangements that ended the Seven Years’ War
France surrendered all of its territorial claims to North America.
When William Pit became prime minister during the Seven Years’ War, he
focused his military strategy on the Quebec-Montreal area.
The Seven Years’ War was also known in America as
the French and Indian War.
The reason France needed to control the Ohio Valley was to
link its canadian holdings with those of the lower Mississippi Valley.
The primary economic pursuit of early settlers in New France was
fur trapping.
As a result of General Braddock’s defeat a few miles from Fort Duquesne
the frontier from Pennsylvania to North Carolina was open to Indian attacks.
In his first military command in the French and Indian War, George Washington
was defeated at Fort Necessity but was allowed to retreat.
The reason Britain needed to control the Ohio Valley was to
continue their westward pushing for continued economic security and supremacy of their way of life.
The early wars between France and Britain in North America were notable for the
use of primitive guerrilla warfare.
The soldier and explorer whose leadership earned him the title “Father of New France” was
Samuel de Champlain.
The clash between Britain and France for control of the North American continent sprang from their rivalry for control of
the Ohio River Valley.
The proclamation of 1763
prohibited colonial settlement west of the Appalachian Mountains.
The French wanted to control Louisiana beach they
would then control the mouth of the Mississippi.
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