Chapter 8 Case Study

1 January 2017

How does Wrangler’s new B2C e-commerce site assist Wrangler’s brand recognition and marketing efforts? Wrangler’s new B2C e-commerce site assists Wrangler’s brand recognition and marketing efforts in many ways. Their brand recognition was already high since their company started in 1904. They have grown since their first owner, C. C. Hudson started out with only several sewing machines. Their company has become known country-wide. Their next step to grow even more was to enable purchases through their e-commerce site.

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Chapter 8 Case Study
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Wrangler has made a site with goals to be exceptional from their competitor’s. They have enabled their customers to now be able to purchase online. They are also presenting their site in the best quality website and that proves that their marketing efforts are positive. Without these marketing efforts, no one would like to use their site and would prefer to just visit a brick-and-mortar store. If their website would have not been successful, they would have lost a lot of money by implementing the site to just be a failure. 2. What goals did Wrangler set for its e-commerce site?

Visit www. wrangler. com. Do you think its new site meets those goals? Wrangler had several goals set for its e-commerce site. One goal that they had was that it needed to provide visitors with a view into the spirit behind the Wrangler brand. They wanted their site to utilize the latest technologies. The reason that Wrangler wanted to have the latest technologies because they wanted to show that Wrangler is tech savvy and they also wanted the Wrangler’s marketing department to be able to present their products in the best way.

I do believe this site meets these goals. It was very organized and user-friendly and it was easy on the eyes. I did not find the site to be distracting or take away from their product but instead enhance on how great their product truly is. Without having a successful site, they would be taking away possible customers because they would be less likely to shop online. E-commerce is very important for profits. Critical Thinking Questions: 1. Wrangler targets a very specific type of person with its marketing and Web site. How would you describe that group?

What risks and benefits do companies assume when they target specific types of individuals? Do you think it pays off for Wrangler? Why? Wrangler targets a style that is mostly associated with a western-style. Their slogan is “Enduring American Freedom; it’s in the spirit of people who work hard, have fun and recognize courageous individuality. ” They Wrangler brand targets men, women, and children around the world and with their product being sold in 1 in every 5 pairs of jeans that are purchased, it proves that their target group is successful.

With targeting specific groups, there is a chance of failure because your target group may be small. Also, if the target group does not take like the product, they will be doomed due to losing their group. Luckily for Wrangler, they have grown due to their target group. They have been able to be successful for many years and have been able to grow into an e-commerce company. If their specific target group had not liked the product, it would have not lasted as long in the business world. 2. The Wrangler site incorporates a lot of dynamic visual elements.

How do these elements affect a shopper? What types of products are best suited for this type of marketing approach? The Wrangler site incorporated a lot of dynamic visual elements. It is important for any kind of business; there are visual elements involved both in a brick-and-mortar and e-commerce. Visual effects are pleasant to look at and there is more of a positive buying experience. These elements make the shopper happy and therefore they will purchase more items. All kind of businesses, including clothing and general stores, must find a way to incorporate dynamic visual elements.

Without having dynamic visual elements, people will be less likely to stop in the store and therefore they will not spend any money. Profits are important when you are involved in a business and without profits, you will be unable to stay in the market for long. Being able to be successful requires that visual effects are available in order to make profits and have a successful business. All businesses can benefit from dynamic visual elements.

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