Character Analysis of Connie

2 February 2017

Then one day her family leaves her alone and she notices the boy in the car comes to her house and she finds out that he seems to know everything about her. He demands that Connie come to him and in then th story ends as Connie walks out the house toward the mysterious boy. Connie is sexually active, scared, and deceitful. Connie is sexually active. Oates states how Connie knows she is beautiful and she gets a great deal of attention from boys. Connie knows she is gorgeous, so when she goes out, she shows off her body more.

When Connie meets the older boy in the resturant, she spends hours with him, and they went in an abandoned alley. Connie often states that she believes sex is a beautiful and fun feeling. Going with this stranger Connie has just met for hours implies she is sexually active in some way. What Oates is trying to say about young girls in general is that by showing off their bodies and meeting with older boys, sex will be pressured onto them. More young females will want to become more sexually active by assuming sex is all good and fun.

Character Analysis of Connie Essay Example

Connie is scared. Connie does not seem to be afraid of anything. However, once this stranger appears at her house, she becomes a bit more frightened. Connie was always used to doing what she wanted with whomever she wanted. Along came Arnold, who commanded her to come to him and do things with him. Suddenly, Connie does not have the choice anymore. He threatens to harm her family so she is scared and cannot bring herself to even call for help.

What Oates is trying to say about being scared is that one will not be scared until the option of deciding for one’s self gets taken away. Connie is deceitful. Connie’s mother often degrades Connie for being vain. Her mother does this because she is worried about Connie and knows Connie gets a great deal of attention from males. Connie’s mother knows what can happen to her if she does not start being careful. Connie still goes out grabbing the attention of boys even though her mother says otherwise.

What Oates is trying to say is that children should always listen to their parents, or they may end up in danger. Oates tries to get the reader to understand that parents have been through it all, and children should learn to listen more. In the short story “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? ” Oates shows that Connie is sexually active. She is sexually active because she shows off her body and is curious about sex. Connie is scared because she had no choice in what she wanted to do. Connie is deceitful because she did not care or listen to her mother.

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