Character Analysis of Faye from “a Secret Sorrow”

2 February 2017

Analysis of Faye From “A Secret Sorrow” In the story “A Secret Sorrow”, a woman by the name of Faye is battling a traumatic accident. The reference of the car accident sets the reader up for the tone of the story. In the beginning of chapter 11, Faye is very fragile woman. Something is making her feel distraught. When reading the first sentence “feel the blood drain from her face” (Van Der Zee 28) and “thought she was going to faint” (28), its not clear what permanent internal injury Faye has, as stated in the preface.

In the following few paragraphs the author wrote, “clutched at him for support, fighting for control” and “legs were shaking so badly”. These descriptive statements of Faye keeps the reader engaged to find out what’s wrong with her and why she feels this way. Faye has always wanted to conceive children, but her hopes and dreams were shattered the day she received the horrible news. She was filled with emotions and was in tremendous grief, as if she had lost a loved one and was mourning.Faye did not want to accept the fact that she will never be able to give life to a child. When Kai finds the number of the psychiatrist, Faye feared that Kai knew, “He knew, oh God, he knew. She closed her eyes, a helpless sense of inevitability engulfing her.

” (29) She felt she couldn’t escape the truth now that he knows about the doctor. Faye’s mood changes from feelings bereavement to becoming defensive, “her whole body growing rigid with instinctive rebellion. ” (30) Faye defended herself by trying to get away from Kai and his questions.Faye was facing the crisis of her lifetime, where she thought she would not be able to satisfy Kai nor make him happy without giving him the gift of a child and knowing that Kai desperately wanted to have a child with her. For that reason, she feared marrying him. “I can’t be what you want me to be. We can’t have the kind of life you want.

.. I’m so afraid… you’ll be disappointed. ” (31) Kai was heart-stricken when Faye finally revealed her secret to him Faye felt denial when Kai asked her why she hadn’t told him.

“Faye heard no more.She ran out the door” (31) she couldn’t face the question and had to leave and get away from the confrontation. Faye was avoiding the question that hurt her the most. To Faye’s surprise, she thought Kai would leave her for that purpose. On the other hand, Kai just wanted to know why Faye would want to keep a secret like that from him. He did not understand why she would run away from her issue, by ending the relationship and not having to discuss the issue with him. Now that he knew what has been bothering Faye, he promised to stay by her; hoping this situation will not have any affect on their future marriage.

Why do you think I want you for my wife… because you’re some kind of baby factory? What kind of man do you think I am? I love you, not your procreating ability. So we have a problem. Well, we’ll learn to deal with it, one way or another. ” (33) Kai shows that he truly loves Faye and would be there for her through out any struggle she may endure.

“Faye, we’re in this together-you and I. Don’t you see that? It’s not just your problem, it’s ours. ” (33) Faye was afraid to come out with her secret of not being able to conceive children, mainly because she thought that that would affect her relationship with Kai. If I told you… you wouldn’t want me anymore! “(33) Kai understood what Faye was going through and knew how much it meant to her to have children.

He also knew that he had to stay by her side during her grief. But Faye felt like she was letting him down. “Kai, I… I can’t live all my life with your regret and your disappointment. Every time we see some pregnant woman, every time we’re with somebody else’s children I’ll feel I’ve failed you! I.

.. ” (34) At this point, Kai showed his sympathy for her. It did not matter to him that she wasn’t able to carry his children.All he cared about was being happy with Faye and being able to spend the rest of his life with her. However, Faye could not understand why he wanted to be with her and not any other woman who could give life to his children. “You have a choice, don’t you see that? You don’t have to marry me.

You could marry someone else and have children of your own. ” (34) With Faye saying that, Kai still chose to be with Faye because she is the only woman he has ever loved since the first day they met. He could not compare any other woman to Faye, mainly because Faye was different, unique, and filled with love, and she made him extremely happy.Faye and Kai’s relationship is one of those relationships that can never be broken. Meaning, that they have gotten to know each other and were now at the moment of planning the aspects of their life with one another. With this issue being lifted off their chests and them being able to get pass this situation, Kai and Faye fulfilled their dreams by getting married and adopting three desperate children, who had been longing for love and the warmth of caring parents, and never again having the fear of being abandoned with no food or roof over their heads.Faye had to expect that she would one day have to explain her secret to Kai but why did she wait till he proposed to her? Why didn’t she tell him in the beginning of their relationship? Why did she even give love a chance knowing a man usually wants to have a future with a family? In the beginning of the story Faye didn’t have hope in her love in future.

She was previously engaged but broke it off and moved in with her brother. This sounds like she was in extreme denial and wanted to avoid any confrontation of discussing children again.Instead of falling in love with Kai, Faye could have put a barrier up from ever falling in love with another man again. If she did put this barrier up knowing she couldn’t have children, who knows what her future would be like? Knowing that most men want families Faye felt helpless. Faye could have chose to be happier not sharing her secret with anyone and be single the rest of her life. No one wants to be lonely in his or her life but Faye felt like she was better off alone than to explain her secret to a loved one.This could have led Faye to be emotional depressed which could have made her a miserable person.

Faye may have turned drugs and alcohol to fulfill her needs. Her life could have been different if Kai left her because he wanted his own children. The feeling of rejection, especially due to a medical issue, could have sent her through depression as well. Some depressions led people to end their lives so they don’t have to deal with it anymore. If Kai said he really wanted to have kids of his own, Faye could have left that night and crashed the car into a river.Some people have a hard time dealing with rejection, depression and disappointment differently, which could lead to a negative result. In conclusion, Faye had a very emotional battle throughout the story.

A Secret Sorrow reveals that not everything in life can bring happiness for every situation, but with the search for answers and the help of friends or significant other, anybody should be able to resolve their situation and move on with their life on a brighter note. For Faye, she was on the verge of giving up hope, but since she had the help of Kai, her worst fear ended with true happiness.Furthermore, Faye found happiness at the end of her crisis. With the love of her fiance, Kai, she was able to get through her crisis, and fulfill a happy life with three adopted children. In retrospect, both Faye and the three children can relate to one another. All were going through rough times in their lives until they found each other, to express love and contentment to one another. Faye’s life could not be any better with the new family and home she desired for, with the love her life by her side.

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