Characteristic of Online Learning and Traditional Learning

9 September 2016

Characteristic of online learning and traditional learning There are numerous benefits in participating in both a traditional classroom and online learning. However, many people now prefer the online classroom over the traditional classroom. Online learning offer the opportunity to communicate and share with your classmates. In a traditional classroom, the teacher has a certain amount of time to get his or her information across to the class. While traditional learning is very interactive, online learning is very flexible. Traditional learning offer interaction with the teacher and classmates.

Classes taken in classrooms also use schedules rather than leaving the responsibility to the student. I believe traditional classrooms provide a more effective education than online classes. Classroom based courses offer more focus than online courses. In a classroom, students are forced to be quiet and listen to the teacher . They do not have many options besides learning. It is against the rules to sleep, eat and text during the class period. In online learning , students can do any of those. They can even switch to a different tab with their favorite social network instead of what they’re supposed to be learning.

Characteristic of Online Learning and Traditional Learning Essay Example

They can text freely on their phones with no one stopping them. With the rules in a classroom, students are far less distracted than when taking an online learning. Today most students consider the traditional classroom environment beneficial for learning because they can interact with the teacher and their classmates. Especially for people who learn better through cooperative activities and group work, the possibility of asking questions and receiving right answers is important. Many students prefer face-to-face interactions to technology-mediated conversations.

Some students need constant reassurance that what they do is correct and that they are going in the right direction, so they need feedback to keep them moving. Online learning allows a person to continue their education while doing all the other tasks life has to offer. It is very flexible and the student works around their personal schedule and still maintains quality of life. Online class students just feel like the freedom to come and go as they please. They enjoy sitting at the computer in their pajamas on Saturday morning with a cup of tea to read their class lecture and do their coursework.

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