Charles Schwab Essay Research Paper Mission To

8 August 2017

Charles Schwab Essay, Research Paper


To supply clients with the most utile and ethical fiscal services in the universe.


Founded in 1974 as one of the state & # 8217 ; s first price reduction securities firms, The Charles Schwab Corporation through its subordinates today provides a wide array of fiscal services to single investors, independent investing directors, retirement programs and establishments. The company through its U.S. broker-dealer serves over 6 million active client histories both domestically and internationally through a web of over 300 subdivisions, offices, telephone service centres, automated phone services and the Internet. Today the company is headed by laminitis Charles R. Schwab ( Chairman and Co-CEO ) , and David S. Pottruck ( President and Co-CEO ) .

Merchandises and Servicess

Charles Schwab & A ; Co. , Inc. is a full-service fiscal services company, offering investing counsel, trading and securities firm services, and a full scope of investing and fiscal merchandises. Schwab is dedicated to assisting clients make their ain informed fiscal determinations with assurance.

Schwab offers a scope of investm

ent planning services, including registered representatives available via phone twenty-four hours and dark, on-line plus allotment and retirement planning tools, and more intensive plans like Core and Explore and the Schwab AdvisorSource referral plan.

The Mutual Fund MarketPlace makes available over 3,000 financess from more than 350 fund households, including 32 SchwabFunds.

Schwab serves active bargainers with plans like the Signature Services, which offers committee price reductions and up-to-date research.

Schwab provides multi-lingual services for non-English-speaking clients through its Asia Pacific Services Center and its Latin American Center.

With a presence on all major listed stock exchanges, including options markets, Schwab & # 8217 ; s Capital Markets and Trading, a division of Charles Schwab & A ; Co. , Inc. , executes trades, participates in IPOs and secondary offerings and provides fixed-income investings.

Schwab Retirement Plan Services Inc. provides retirement be aftering counsel, merchandises, record-keeping and administrative services to patronize companies, employees, and persons ; in 1998, client assets in retirement program accounts totaled $ 20 billion.

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