Charlotte Church – Enchantment

9 September 2019

I have always wanted to be an operatic prodigy, but I am far fromachieving this dream. Besides, who in the world can sing operabeautifully in their teens? Well, Charlotte Church can.

Charlotte Church is a 15-year-old Welsh opera singer. She hasbeen singing since she was three. She has already recorded four albums,not to mention writing her autobiography and recording several concertvideos.

Charlotte’s newest album, “Enchantment,” iswonderfully diverse with selections for everyone. There are songs frommusicals, traditional Celtic pieces and classical selections. This CD isan uplifting adventure through the green pastures of Ireland in”Carrikfergus” and the dark streets of New York in”Tonight” from “West Side Story.” Church’s renditionof “Papa Can You Hear Me?” from “Yentl” ispoignant, and her “Laughing Song” is pure ear candy.

Charlotte Church’s reputation as a child having a voice of anangel is well deserved. I can only imagine that her voice will improvewith age; it is truly a gift.

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