Cheating in School

1 January 2017

She took the paper, ripped it up, then stared at the most menacing device her eyes had laid on her whole career; the phone. The teacher had caught the kid cheating on the test, looking at the answers on his phone. Cheating has never been easier thanks to the advancement of technology, but who’s to blame? Cheating has been around for ages; is the technology really the reason that more cheating is happening, or is it because there is a higher pressure to get better grades with COLLEGE imprinted in your head.

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Cheating in School
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Technology has come to such a level where in the blink of an eye, we can find answers for almost everything with a quick “Google”. Finding knowledge has never been easier with the help of the internet, and now you can use the internet in your classroom with 3g or 4g speeds, which is faster than some people’s internet at home. So now that you have the most accurate and most abundant source of knowledge in your hand the question is; should you cheat? People have many different ways of cheating in school.

From the standard looking at someone else’s paper, to using high tech cheating such as phones and the internet. According Education-Portal, since 1940 there has been an increase by 55%-78% increase in cheating. This brings up the question: what is the motivation for cheating? There are many different kinds of cheaters at school. Some people cheat once in a while with the hopes to boost their grades a little, and then there are the people who are solely dependent on cheating, and do it all the time.

Bob from B-CC decided to stay anonymous, but had some very interesting insight on the art of cheating and how cheating helps him in school. “You don’t need technology to cheat, but it makes cheating a lot easier” says Bob when asked if technology is essential in cheating in school. “Why work so hard and get a decent grade, when you can work less hard and get a better grade. Once you perfect the art of cheating, you don’t need to know math, science, and other subjects, you only need to know how to cheat.

Anyone can cheat, but only some can master cheating. ” Bob thinks of cheating as the all mighty subject, throwing the math, science, and history out the window. Cheating appeals to Bob because of the good feeling when “you don’t get caught cheating and do really well on a test”, and loves the “rush of adrenaline at desperate times when you rush to find the answers. ” Bob loves the rush of cheating, which gives you a superior feeling when you get away with it. Is it the availability? Is it the pressure? Is it because you can get away with it?

Availability isn’t an issue because over 70% of people have a smart phone, and over 62% have data plans which allow them to browse the internet from anywhere they have service. So many people are cheating in class just because it is so easy to find the answers, having the biggest knowledge database in your palms. Pressure on teens There is a lot of pressure in school. Not only is there social pressure, but there is also academic pressure. All of this pressure is built up by the hopes of going to a good college, and getting a good job.

People have so much pressure to get better grades that they Live in a cheating culture America has been infamous for cheating in almost everything. Baseball the American pastime is now filled with people that use or have used steroids to enhance their performance in the sport, even though it is strictly prohibited. Also, many pop singers have “cheated” on stage using the phenomena of lip-syncing, where you don’t actually sing you just move your lips. With American role models cheating the way they do today, it almost seems that cheating isn’t that bad of a thing and that it is just a part of life.

The people we are supposed to look up to and admire are cheating too; what kind of example does that set to us? Not only does cheating go on in the entertainment industry in the American Culture, but it also goes on in relationship. Nearly 57% of men and 54% of women have admitted to having an affair according to “infidelityfacts. com”. When it seems that everyone around us is cheating in some aspect in our culture, that gives us less shame when we cheat and we don’t feel as discouraged to cheat.

While baseball might be the official American pastime, cheating is hidden in the shadow right underneath that. If no actions are taken, the repercussions of cheating could come back and bite not only ourselves, but our country as a whole. The main reason for school is to education people, and give them knowledge on certain subjects. How would you feel if someone working on your computer or car had no idea what they were doing, but had that profession because they cheated in school and tests to get ahead?

Not only does cheating decrease the education you get, but it can directly affect other people as well. Also, if people continue cheating their way through school, they are going to have a lifestyle of cheating, and feel that it is alright. If people think that cheating in school is fine, what’s stopping them from cheating in other events. Not only will less work be done, but many people are going to have overlapping causes, which will decrease efficiency in the workplace. So why doesn’t everyone cheat if they always benefit themselves?

For one reason, some people have something called morals, something you don’t hear a lot about in today’s society. With the lack of morals, some parents are to blame for their kids cheating because they didn’t tell their kids the flaws of cheating. Getting caught cheating is also another thing that stops people from cheating. When morals aren’t enough, some people rely on plain fear to stop them from cheating. While most people don’t necessarily want to be afraid of cheating and getting caught, it is overall a good thing because it will help them later in life.

Cheating is an epidemic that has spread so much with the use of technology, it seems anything can be done now. While the repercussions of the cheating haven’t been a huge problem yet, the future adults of America may lead to the demise of not only morals, but the American economy. “Cheating is a way of life which can’t be changed by anyone except the perpetrator. So unless the cheaters decide that cheating is bad as a whole, it’s going to keep on happening, and America is going to keep on suffering. ”

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