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5 May 2017

Hardware and Software Requirements Staying current with productivity technology is an important part of your education. This agreement will help you prepare for your program. You need access to and use of the hardware and software listed below. You must also have the technology skills outlined in the Academic Catalog. If you feel at all unprepared, the Skillsoft tutorials, which cover a wide variety of business and technology topics, can be accessed via the University Library on the student website.

Hardware and Peripherals You need access to a computer with the following. A processor of 2 GHz or faster 4 GB RAM or greater 80 GB hard drive or larger Cable/DSL connection or better Monitor and video card with 1024×768 or greater resolution and sound card with speakers Inkjet or laser printer Microphone A web camera capable of video web conferencing and web editing software. A DVD/ CD-ROM drive may be needed to install software. Students should review manufacturer’s system requirements for any additional software or devices they plan on using.

Software and Applications You need access to and competence in the following applications. Operating system [email protected] Window” 7 or later Mac OS 10. 6 or later, with a [email protected] Window” partition required for some courses. [email protected] Office 2010 or later for a personal computer (PC), [email protected] Office 2011 for a Mac. [email protected] Access (for selected courses) [email protected] Project (for selected courses) A current Internet Browser such as [email protected] Internet Explorer, [email protected] Firefox, [email protected] Chrome or [email protected] Safari.

[email protected] Reader 9. 0 or later [email protected] Flash plug-in 10. 0 or later System is enabled to allow installation of browser plug-ins as required Local administrative privileges to operating system may be required A current antivirus pplication (updated regularly) Email address Internet service provider (ISP) account with broadband access University of Phoenix provides access to the following software through the student website for specific courses: [email protected] Visual Studio .

NET [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] SQL Server Red [email protected] Enterprise [email protected] [email protected] Flash Professional [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Acrobat Standard [email protected] trom [email protected] b support tor A+, Network+, Securi and Linux* courses) [email protected] Database XE Autodesk 3ds Max You will need access to the following [email protected] Window” free applications for pecific courses Alice software [email protected] Online Plug-in (latest version) Runtime Environment, Development Kit Visual Logic The College of Information Systems and Technology may require access to additional software.

Software currently provided by the University on the student website is subject to change and may require students to purchase or obtain access to the software. Please look for updated software requirements on your student website. Students must have access to a Mac computer to complete iOS mobile coursework or the latest Windows operating system to complete Windows mobile coursework. These courses are options in the BSIT/Mobile Development concentration and the Advanced Mobile Development Certificate and as individual courses as electives.

The School of Advanced Studies requires doctoral learners to bring a laptop computer to residencies. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. The technology skills and the hardware and software requirements may be updated at any time because of the rapid rate of change in information technology. I agree to meet all of the Universitys hardware, software and computer skills requirements

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