Chemical Aspects of Life

6 June 2017

Lab Report Experiment #3 The objective of the Reducing Sugar Test was to test if the substance has a reducing sugar in it by adding Benedict’s solution and heating it, there would be a color change if a reducing sugar is present, or it will remain blue (no reducing sugar). The objective of the Starch test was to test for starch in substances by using Iodine. The iodine will cause a substance to turn to a dark blue color if it is positive for starch.

The objective for the Dye test was to test for lipids. When mixed with water and the tested substance, a positive result will occur in it being separated from the water. The objective of the Protein Test was to test for proteins present in a substance using the Biuret Solution. The substance should produce a violet color within 10 drops of Biuret. The objectives of the Spit Lab were to test for starch, a reducing sugar, and ffect of amylase on a piece of bread that is positive for starch and negative for a reducing sugar.

Chemical Aspects of Life Essay Example

Iodine would test if starch was present if the bread solution changes to a dark black/blue color. Benedict’s Solution mixed with the cracker and heated would test for a reducing sugar (if reducing sugar, it will turn from a green to an orange to a dark brownish color). The amylase was tested on a piece of potato by heating it in Benedict’s Solution, the amount would make it either a green, or orange, nd the most amounts would make it brown as mine and my partner’s results.

Introduction: To acquaint the student with the techniques used for testing for identifying organic compounds. Material: These are the materials that were used in all the experiments. Test tubes Beaker Iodine Benedict’s Solution Biuret Solution Potato Bread Saliva Starch Glucose Water Sucrose Cotton Milk Tap Water Ground Peanuts Igar able Salt aklng Soda pple Juice dolasses ‘rocedure:

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