Cherokee Indian Journal Entry

1 January 2018

My people are being forced off of our territory by United States troops. We the Cherokee Indians live in a peaceful manner. When the Indian Removal Act was forcing us to move off of our territory we were outraged yet we handled it in a mature manner, a lawsuit. We were even victorious, yet they still force us off of our land. The Americans show a lot Of bias and prejudice.

There is no liberty and justice for Few of our tribe were able to escape to the mountains of North Carolina.Thou ugh I don’t believe that if I had the chance I would escape. My life would not be complete without my family. Though I am very much against the reason we must move west maybe this journey will bring our family together. Sunday, November 22nd 1 838 am so sorry my dear journal, have forgotten about you. I have been so bus y walking that it slipped my mind to write. This journey is so depressing and exhausting.

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Many can not withstand the tee enrapture. Am in disarray because my grandmother has fallen into the ultimate slumber r.She has taught me so much about life, yet she is no longer here to live hers. I will make sure to pray for the rest of my family to make sure they awake each morning. Monday, December 17th 1838 It seems that when we slept a large amount of snow had fallen. Many of my ski ND are now with my grandmother including my baby sister Kayak. We believe that Aka yah had died from malnutrition and/ or harsh weather, though there is a possibility that she had a disease of some sort.

Most people that have died on this journey have died from those c sees.My mother and I are very upset about Kayak’s death because she was a helpless child, an d she hadn’t lived her life to the fullest. I believe there is a scar in my mother’s heart, I real y don’t believe she will ever recover from that wound. These weather conditions make me feel so fatigued and frozen. It is extremely y difficult to march through several inches of cold crystals, though that is what we must March 1839 It is so that today my family and can blissfully relax after our journey of 2,20 0 miles.It is very depressing to look back upon this journey. First the Americans willingly force us off of our land.

Then we walk for such a long period that is filled with lots of heartache Approximately 4,500 Cherokee Indians did not survive this journey. Lastly we reach our destination. Do not believe this journey has brought my family closer together, this may b because I have lost many that were very close to me along the way. Though n owe hopefully my people and I will live in peace for the rest of our lives.

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