Child Abuse Essay

Child Abuse Every year, thousands of families bring home a new baby. The families spend time watching movies, going on exciting outings, doing crafts like finger painting with their children. Most of these kids brought into the world get to experience what it is to have a loving and caring family, but for a small amount, life is not so fun. They are forced to deal with things that most of us would never imagine. 227,080 children are raped and sexually abused every single year. 811,000 children are physically abused every single year. 97,320 children are emotionally abused every single year. ,011,280 children are neglected every single year. 60,500 children die of child abuse each and every single year. It wasn’t until the 1970’s that child abuse became a major crime in America and Canada. Child abuse remains to be the least recognized crime and that is why we need to get it realized that it is happening all around us. There are many different forms of child abuse. That is why it is difficult for people to realize it is going on in today’s society. Some are clearer than others. An example is a little 6 year old boy. He was left to live his father and step-mother when his real mother left him.

They would lock him in closets, for more than 24 hours at a time. They would chain him so he could not move. He would be forced to eat food coated in spicy sauces and then deprived of liquids. The poor innocent boys cries would be muffled with a radio or dish soap. His crime ? Not being able to sleep. That story was a very clear example of child abuse. This story however is not so clear. A young boy who appeared to have a perfect life. His family would spend all their time with him. Such as playing football, going to parks, reading stories and such. This boy however was very introverted in a very extraverted family.

His parents would pick him up and tickle him; a simple act of affection. However this young boy would scream and cry when being tickled. His parents continued to tickle him and his siblings would do this to him too. When in court, his parents were tried with child abuse. There are four main types of abuse: sexual, physical, emotional, and neglect. Sexual abuse includes a wide variety of things, but it narrows down to any sexual contact with a child or use of a child for sexual pleasure. 85-90 % of cases involve an abuser that knows the child. 35 % involve a family member.

There are some behavioral indicators that a child has been sexually abused. They are: the sudden reluctance to go someplace or be with someone, and using sexual words that most children of their age group would not be using, or acting with a sexual maturity not of their age group. Physical abuse is the next type. This can be defined as the non-accidental physical injury of a child including beatings, burns, biting, strangulation, scalding, bruises, welts, broken bones, scars, or serious internal injury or simply if the parent or guardian allows the child to be in a dangerous situation.

The signs for physical abuse are if a child avoids physical contact with others, or wears clothing to cover up bruises or cuts. The next type is emotional abuse. This is a pattern of behavior that attacks a child’s emotional development and self worth. It’s a sad reality that children are harassed and torn down by the people who are supposed to shield and protect them from that and love them. This also ties in with our last type which is neglect. Most people are unaware that neglect isn’t as serious as the other forms of child abuse but in reality most victims of child abuse suffer from neglect.

It is also the most frequent cause of death in child abusive situation. Neglect is when the child is not taken care of or deprived of basic needs by their parents or guardian. This includes, not feeding the child, not bathing it or not providing warmth in the cold. A child’s fate is anything but good when it is left out in the cold with nothing to eat. We are now aware of what child abuse really is and we are now hopefully realizing it more in our community There is however a way to prevent this from happing to our further generations. . Bob Green says, “If you know in your heart, if you sense something is wrong, don’t go away…

You have to be as relentless as those children can’t be. They have no voice at all. You have to follow your instinct and listen to the little voice in your head that says something is wrong, this isn’t normal. Don’t ignore that voice. ” We found out that not all cases of child abuse are prominent and noticeable. In the tickling story no drastic measures were made to help him. There are many hotlines and associations that can help. All you need to do is call, and they alert social services about the problem. There are still so many cases being called in, so the child will never get help. So do something about it. Katie Muchmaker

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