Child Abuse: Physical, Psychological, and Social Effects

This paper looks at the effects of child abuse and neglect, how to read warning signs, and protect children from mistreatment.

This paper is about the effects of child abuse and discusses various aspects in detail, as well as discussing possible causes. The author looks at how society needs to focus on warning signs, the behavior of abused children, and the special attention that mistreated children need. The paper pays close attention to social, psychological, and physical disorders that affect abused children.
“Children from the ages of twelve to seventeen years of age experience more than twice the violent crime as adults in America . Horrifying cases of abuse and neglect have flooded the media, which have caused great concern by public interest groups and politicians. The greatest concerns most have are the effects these terrible crimes have on our youth. David Finkelhor, a sociologist at the University of New Hampshire , believes that we know too little about child abuse and what damage it may cause. He contends that if we better understood the effects of child victimization, we would be more able to identify and prevent it.”

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