Child Assessment in School Systems

4 April 2015
This essay focuses on the current system of assessment testing in schools which the author finds is no longer a tool to help children, but is now used as an intimidation tactic that places pressure on teachers and schools.

This paper contains information on the legislation that makes assessment tests mandatory, the consequences of making these tests of such great importance and a solution to refocus the system so that it is more geared toward helping the individual child than intimidating teachers and administrators.
“Under the “No Child Left Behind Act” teachers and principals will be held accountable for the performance of their students and will face consequences if test scores are not meeting the AYP (average yearly progress). Because of this act, assessment tests have become overly stressful for teachers and students alike and have caused teachers and administrators to go to great lengths to make sure their students succeed on these tests, even if it means cheating. The level of accountability created and placed on assessment test scores has defeated the original purpose of assessment testing and has taken away valuable instruction time in the classroom by making assessment testing the focus of the classroom. I believe there are better ways to make sure that no child gets left behind. I believe that if we focus on meeting the needs of the individual student by helping him or her achieve grade level performance, without holding them back, we will be closer to that goal. Teachers do not need to be threatened to do a better job, they need support systems to help them better handle the children of today. In this report I will explain the current legislation, the consequences imposed if a school does not meet the AYP, the problems created by the system currently in place, and lastly I will explain how we can implement a new, more effective system that will make assessment tests serve their original intended purpose.”
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