Child Care Level Unit

12 December 2017

Conversely, poor communication tactics can make the child feel worthless, intimidated or angry which will make the children have communication difficulties because they will be angry at the fact they can not do the same as the other children, o should always treat all children the same so If one child Is having difficulties you should try your hardest to help that child In fling what Is the problem and find a way of helping that child.To make communication easier and to avoid making the children feel confused, what you should do is first call out the child’s name and make sure you have her attention and she understands what you are saying. Communicate in short sentences and ask the child to do one thing at a time. In BITE First Children’s Care, Learning and development peg. 3 it says ;communicating with adults and children In child care settings Is very different to the way you communicate with your friends” so they way you have to communicate In placement Is different from the way you normally do because you are setting an example for the children even when your talking to the staff the children can see how you are speaking so you should make an effort to communicate properly.

Communication involves using language to put your ideas across and share information, such as through listening, reading, speaking and writing. Children need good language and speech skills to interact with people and succeed In educational settings and other areas of life. If the child experiences problems communicating, they may fall behind In learning and struggle with situations that need effective communication.You should always be trying your hardest to help children with difficulties and to be observing all the children so you can spot with children may be falling behind or finding communication harder than others. In ETC First Children’s Care, Learning and development peg. 106 it says ;Many people have some form of barrier to successful communication, these may be Internal part of the person or eternal the problem of the person trying to communicate with them, for example through misunderstanding or stereotyping’ these are some of the difficulties below.These are some of the difficulties children can have: Language Problems can affect the ability to understand speech.

Examples of language problems include not specking the same language or specking in a different way, which makes It difficult for a child to use the correct words to state hat they mean to other and children can also have a language disorder even If they seem to produce and understand speech well.Speech Problems This may be that the children can’t understand your speech or the you can’t understand their speech it is normally the child’s speech, their speech may include a lot of mistakes and sound poorly articulated. Types of errors found in the speech of children with speech problems. Speech problems children may have speech difficulties for many reasons and teeth problems.

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