Child-Context Interaction and the Environment

4 April 2015
This paper discusses the long-term influence parents have on the development of their child, the effect the environment has on this relationship and the consequence this child-context interaction has on the child’s further adjustment to the environment

The paper demonstrates that child-context interaction that begins as bonding at birth and continues through the first four years of a child’s life is a strong factor in the child’s ability to adjust to the environment and will effect the child for the majority of his life. The author presents research showing that if children have close and healthy relationships with their parents, these children will do better in adjusting to different environments including difficult neighborhoods and schools. He shows how the family’s culture and the neighborhood in which they live also can shape child-context interaction.
“As the mother and child work together to find the missing puzzle piece, their ability to think and problem solve will be developing. Most of the time the way a child interacts with one parent will be different than when both parents are available. The relationship with mothers are usually nurturing while the relationship with the father is more realistic. They want to be strong and not cry when they get hurt when they are with their father. However, if they are with their mother and they fall and hurt their knee, they want to cry and get a band-aid. The child learns ways to interact with others through the interactions between child-father, between child-mother, and between child-both parents.”

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