Child Development in Developing Countries: Introduction and Methods

1 January 2018

Each area of development is interdependency as they do not work in isolation but instead, they are interlinked. If a child experiences a delay within there development it’s likely to affect more than one area of development. Therefore within an early year setting its vital that practitioners recognize a child’s individual needs and holistically plans to make sure all areas of development are being covered as well as new connections being adapted to what they already know. Physical development of babies and young children must be encouraged through the provision of different opportunities, allowing them to active and interactive to help improve their skills in coordination, control, and movement. Children must be supported in developing and understand the importance of physical activity as a child’s physical activity can have an impact on their self-confidence.

For example, if a child is unhappy with there appearance it could affect there later in life. Whereas if they are self-confident it will improve there concentration, lifestyle, and overall development. This can have an impact on a child’s communication and language as it can affect their intellectual development, allowing the child to be more alert, physical activity is also likely to encourage social development as there will be more opportunities for children to socialize and progress in self-esteem. For a child to understand the world the child will have to understand that different children have different beliefs, colored skin, religions. This has a big impact on a child’s social development as they will begin to have an awareness of the world and others around them, allowing them to confidentiality make new friends. Expressive arts and development allow a young child to make new things by using their imagination by using different materials and equipment, allowing them to be unique. Introducing expressive arts at a young age will encourage a child to express themselves both verbally and creatively allowing it to contribute to there physical development and social development.

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Creativity relates to physical development as it can develop a child’s fine and gross motor skills. The personal and emotional development allows a child to develop skills such as making relationships, having self- confidence and awareness and understanding of what actions can affect others. Personal and emotional development is promoted in settings to allow children to have a choice which will enable them to emphasize support or what they want to do. However, personal and emotional development can be affected, if a child has a disability the child could have a low self-esteem as they may feel that they are not able to take part in activities, this shouldn’t be the case by promoting equality, diversity and inclusion to children in a setting will allow children and practitioners to adapt the activity ensuring everyone is included. Therefore it’s important to focus on more than one area of development as they will all connect with one another, ensuring that all children’s development is supported and encouraged in specific areas taking in to account a child’s individual needs.

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