Child Labor Laws in Nineteenth Century England

4 April 2015
This is a research paper based on Child Labor laws in 19th century England – the working and living conditions of children then compared to now.

This paper covers the evolution of child labor laws from 19th Century England through the present. The author discusses harsh working conditions endured and injuries suffered by children. Cited are specific pieces of legislation and non-profit campaigns aimed at stopping the phenomenon.
“Child labor in 19th century England was a shameful practice that many of us never look back on. The displaced working classes took it for granted that a family would not be able to support itself if the children were not employed. Therefore, children as young as five years old were working 12 hour shifts for less then 20 dollars a day. The conditions in which these children worked were below standards. It was a long and deadly fight to regulated child labor laws in England during the 19th century. Today many of us take for granted the regulations on child labor; we act as if this is how it has been since the beginning. What we do not realize is how much child labor has progressed since the 19th century. Three hundred years may sound like a long time but when you consider how life was for a child then and compare it to a child’s life today, I think you’ll begin to come to a better understanding of exactly what we have gone through to get where we are today.”

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Child Labor Laws in Nineteenth Century England
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