Child Mortality in Bangladesh

1 January 2017

I convey my heartiest thanks and gratitude to Mrs. Ferdous Akhter, Module Director (Term Paper on Bangladesh Issues) for giving me an opportunity to prepare a Term Paper on the important issue that I proposed. I also acknowledge her encouragement, help and patience through the progress of the work without which the report would not be a successful one. I am especially grateful to Course Director, Mr. A F M Hayatullah for the inclusion of term paper as a module in the training course.

I convey my best regards to course coordinator, Mr.Abu Saleh Mohammad Obaidullah for giving me advice while preparing the term paper. Overall, I thank Mr. A Z M Shafiqul Haque, Rector, BPATC to appreciate us to do better in the training program offering abroad tour and scholarship for M. S course. I owe to the writers whose study report I have used in this Term Paper.

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Child Mortality in Bangladesh
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I also would like to thank the Librarian and the staffs there for their helping attitude at the time of using the library. Lastly, it will be incomplete if I do not convey my gratitude thanks to all the participants of 49Th Foundation Training course.

This paper deals with the causes and impact of child mortality in Bangladesh. It will also help find the way to reduce the child mortality in Bangladesh. The success in achieving Millennium Development Goals (MDG)-4 (Reduce Child Mortality) and the efforts behind the success will also be revealed through this paper. The focusing point of this paper is to present the current situation of child mortality and future plan to the way to reduce child mortality in Bangladesh.

Knowledge of the causes of child death is important for health-sector planning since they relate to available interventions. This analytical paper has been prepared mainly depending on secondary data and literature review. The Secondary data has been collected from different published books, articles, online journals and website. The Child Mortality Rate in Bangladesh is decreasing gradually. Bangladesh is on the pace to go ahead in achieving the target of reducing Child Mortality.

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