Child of Rage

1 January 2017

This attachment break severely damages the heart and mind. It stops the child’s ability to care, love or trust. When a child is deprived of these characteristics, they are capable of anything; even cold blooded murder all because of what a person or people did to them as young children. Unattached children don’t trust, and that is a characteristic that sticks with mostly all unattached children. As seen in Beth’s case, she trusted no one, she didn’t care who she hurt. They also say that these children didn’t want anyone to be the “boss” of them but I didn’t see this in Beth’s case.

She listened to her adoptive mother when she was told to go to her room. Children with attachment disorder feel like they are the devil or even a horrible person. As the parent or guardian that is trying to rehabilitate the child is to help them change the way the child feels about themselves.

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Make the child feel loved and valued. Beth seems to have no conscience when she was speaking to the psychiatrist about the things she did to her parents, her brother and the animals. At night Beth would sneak out of her room, go into her parents’ room and stab them with knives.

And when she was asked why she did it, with a straight face she said because she wanted to kill them. Beth would try to kill her pets by sticking them multiple times with pins. Whether the animals cried, she would not stop. And when it came to her brother, she would molest him. She would stick her finger in his anus, pull, kick and squeeze his penis, punch him in the stomach and bang his head on the cement floor repeadidly. All she wanted to do was kill him the animals and her parents. She didn’t like people and didn’t want to be around people. Everyone uses defense mechanisms to cope with whatever is going on in their personal lives.

Why do we use them? To protect ourselves and cover up bad feelings we are having. In this case, I don’t feel like Beth used defense mechanisms. In my opinion, when Beth was doing his mischief it was because of the things her birth father was doing to her. So if she did use a defense mechanism I would say she used displacement. She took her anger out on the animals, her little brother and her parents. She knew she had an upper hand on her brother because she was older and she most likely was bigger than her animals. In the case of her parents, she would hurt them while they were sleep which gave her the upper hand on them.

The treatment for Beth’s attachment disorder, the first step was to temporarily take her out of the home with her brother and adoptive parents. She needed to be away from them. Once this happened she moved in with a specialist that gave Beth boundaries. Since Beth did not trust anyone, they didn’t not trust her so she was given these boundaries and chores to start her on her treatment. Whenever she wanted to do something that was out of the eye sight of her guardian she had to ask permission. If she wanted to use the bathroom, get something to drink or anything of that nature, Beth was put in a heavily controlled environment.

To build her self-esteem, Beth was praised when she did something good. Being praised makes a child feel loved and that someone cares when they do right. I think it is a good way to help children especially if it helped Beth. I do agree that praise helps build self-esteem. It lets these unattached children know that people care about them. Temporarily taking her out of her home with the adoptive parents may have been the only downfall, because she was taken out of a situation she was partially comfortable in to a place with complete strangers.

The fact that she had no freedom sculpted her and showed her she was not the boss and had to answer to someone. I think it’s a good way to help these abused children become attached again. If Beth didn’t have any therapeutic intervention her adult life would be hell. She wouldn’t be able to have a symbiotic relationship with anyone. She could even turn on the people that that actually care about her. She would separate herself from the human world because of a statement that she made about her not liking people while she was talking to the psychiatrist.

Any relationship she might have had would not be a good one. She would abuse them just like she abused her parents and brother. Unfortunately the ones that might’ve ended up killed would be her brother or parents because she had the intentions of killing them already. She would never have gotten any better; her disorder would’ve gotten worst as time went on. The attempts used to curb Beth’s aggression were sending her to therapy. Therapy was a way for her to release her feelings she kept inside, and so her parents could understand what she was thinking.

Then sending her to the specialist for unattached children was a great attempt. She ended up being a new person. This changed her as a person, made her better for society and her family. This was also the positivistic outcome of her therapy. To see a smile on the face of a child, that just wanted to kill for revenge. Beth grew up to be a mentally health woman. She obtained a degree in nursing and she also wrote a book entitles “More Than a Thread of Hope”. Beth and her adoptive mother Nancy established a clinic for children with severe behavior problems. Nancy and Beth have a website which is: www. attachment. org.

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