Child Sexual Abuse

4 April 2015
A research proposal on the topic of child sexual abuse.

This paper discusses sexual molestation of children. It provides a review of pertinent literature and quotes statistics relating to sexual offenders and victims. The paper outlines a proposal for a research, the purpose being to discover if females who are sexually abused before puberty are more likely to become sexually promiscuous when they begin the pubescent stage compared to females who were not sexually abused before puberty.
“Child sexual abuse, CSA, is said to occur when children experience sexual contact with an adult or an older child through coercion or deceptive manipulation at an age and stage of development at which the child does not posses sufficient maturity to understand the nature of the acts and therefore are not able to provide informed consent. Physical force is often not necessary due to the fact that the perpetrator is likely someone with whom the child has a trusting relationship and who is in a position of authority over the child (Arcus 1998). “The type of sexual contact may involve intercourse, touching or fondling the genitals or secondary sex organs with hands, mouth, or objects, or being forced to perform sexual acts with another person” (Arcus 1998). A child may be coerced into disrobing and exposing themselves, or watching adults disrobe or engage in sexual activity, thus contact may not involve actually touching the child.”

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