Childhood memories

8 August 2016

Wanting to be on my own as the type of person I am today and what I’ll be in the future reflects on how I was raised and the certain things I have been through. Describing how I grew up with my mother and grandmother, not knowing my father and the relationship with my mother. Looking through my window in my room of a small apartment in north Tulsa, I saw the smiling faces of the kids, that didn’t have much, on the street, but always made the best of their lives just being kids. I was one of them, in a care free world, playing games like; tag, hide and seek, and games that you make up for the fun of it.

If I wasn’t outside with the rest of the kids, I took the role “man of the house” as my mom would say, since I was the oldest boy in our home. I don’t understand really understand the meaning of that, but I think it means that I have to watch over my mother and younger brother. With taking on that role I also need to take school seriously too, but it’s so hard. I can’t keep focused on math so I always bring my homework to my nana when my mom’s at work. She is so silly and it’s much easier to get my work done while she is there since she understands me like any other grandmother would their grandkids.

Childhood memories Essay Example

I want to know who and where my father was. I don’t remember much about him and my mother really didn’t talk about it. As we were driving I heard my mother’s phone go off, and she suddenly asked if I wanted to speak to my dad. I felt my stomach drop, I wanted to know everything about him, surprisingly, he told me he moved up to Oklahoma from Texas and he wanted to see me. All sorts of feelings erupted from within; excitement, wonder and eagerness. I saw a picture of my father in a photo with him and my mother in his marine uniform, so I kind of know what he’s going to look like.

I am on my way to see my dad finally, he was just as I imagined him to be, we look so alike and he’s got a personality that would light up the room. I saw my friends playing catch with their dad’s back home, and now I got to do the same! Every other weekend I could spend with my dad, building the father son relationship that I am eager for. It’s the last year of middle school, and I can’t wait for high school, but my mother is always on my case for no reason at all. Walking with my best friend Austin, we chose to go to his house today because my mom and I are fighting a lot over the dumbest things.

I will do anything to get away from my house, so I decide to have an airsoft war with him in the back yard after we finished our homework of course. The sun went down and the street lights came on, and I guess that means it’s time for me to head home. “Why weren’t you here after school doing your homework? ” my mother asked me. I am trying to tell her but she won’t stop trying to yell over me and saying that I am disrespectful, even though I’m only trying to answer her questions. “I am so tired of this mom, if you don’t stop treating me like this, I’m going to move out and go stay with my dad!

” I screamed at her. “I could care less, here I’ll make the phone call for you! ” she replied. I can’t believe this; she didn’t want me here at all did she? I was tearing up with anger and immediately called my father. I have all my bags packed and all I have to do is wait for him to pick me up. In a couple of hours I will leave and never look back. My life has been a roller coaster, but has somehow shaped me to be who I am today and who I will be in the future. My situations and relationship with my family have altered me for the better in the weirdest way. I’m not afraid of being on my own, I welcome it.

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